Hello Everyone and Blessings, 

The Autumn is here and what is new for October?  What we have is everything moving forward!  No retrogrades, no eclipses!  Phew!

From now until the 16th of October, the Sun in Libra (love, balance) will be touching off Uranus (sudden and unexpected happenings).  Being flexible with Uranus is the key to opportunities and exciting changes.

 It is a turning point time for those born on the 2nd and 3rd of any month.  This continues until the 17th of October.  

Here is when status quo and changes take place.  From the 18th through the 21st, we can expect power plays and sudden changes.  Be careful during this time for accidents.  

The sweet part of October will take place between the 19th and the 28th as Jupiter and Neptune make an connection to one another.  What does this mean?  For the children being born at this time, they will come into this world with the belief (Jupiter) that all things are possible (Neptune)  They will come in with an open heart and connections to the most Divine love!  During this period, we all have the opportunity to unite with our own Heart as well!  

As the month of October concludes sudden unexpected changes once again can take place, starting on the 27th through the 30th.  It can be a time of making and breaking commitments.   

Keep your hearts open this month and let the blessings come in!