Hello Everyone and Blessings, 

What does Astrology reflect about the elections?   This is not a blog on prediction as I am sure there are plenty others out there for that purpose.

I would like to share why people are so very passionate or not passionate, about the elections.  You see from an Astrological perspective, the planet Jupiter and the 9th house in an Astrological Chart represents several things.  

One and most importantly, it reflects are philosophical belief system.  Our political beliefs also come under this domain in Astrology just as the practice of our particular religious faith.

Each of us, regardless, has Jupiter somewhere and in some sign in our charts and everyone has a 9th house in their natal charts.  This is part of our make up of who we are.  In our words, we become our philosophies!  

So it is easy to see why there are so many opinions and possible disagreements during an election year.  We can easily feel we ourselves, have been attacked!

In Astrology, as well, the politician's astrological chart interacts with our natal chart.  For instance, when we are attracted to an actor or actress, that person  activates something within our own energy.  Same with any person we know or meet.  Another can only stimulate something that exists within.   So it is in the political arena. We meet our own beliefs!

Perhaps, this can give us better insight into the other person as well as ourselves.  Perhaps it lends us to more understanding and more patience with one another.

 Regardless, we are fortunate to live in a country where we have the power of the people through the power of the vote!  This is where we, as a people, have the opportunity to make our voices heard!  Jupiter is in Libra which is the sign of balance during this election year.  

Good luck on Election Day!