Goodbye October.....Welcome November!

Goodbye October!  Welcome November on the new moon ( new beginnings) in Scorpio!

 Scorpio is the passionate side of ourselves.  The most human traits and the most Divine parts, depending how aware a person is of his or her own Divinity!  On the human side, it can be expressed as jealousy, vindictiveness, guerrilla war fare, power plays, obsessiveness!  You get the picture!  On the Divine side the attributes come forward as is healing energy, the deepest love and protectiveness there is and the power to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix!

The great thing is everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their being!  Most of all regardless of its expression, passion is always present!  When passion cannot express itself, it turns to obsession!  

Scorpio is built into the DNA and represents the left over Karma from our ancestors that did not get completed.  This can be great reaping or not so great.   It is buried deep within us.  It is the time of the year when we go into the cocoon and rest, get replenished and return as a butterfly!

This is the energy where we come to accept our humanness, look at it and then reach for the Divine virtues we also have access to and cultivate them.

In November of this year 2016, many changes are on the horizon and I am not talking about the election.  I am talking about shifts in the expression of energy, in our collective consciousness.  Each one of these changes, affords us the opportunity to reach for the Divine Virtues.  

On November the 5th through the 29th of this month, it is a time to evaluate and see the reality of things.  It is a time when we will reap what has been sown regarding our inner relationship with our Highest Lord.  No good and bad here.  It is simply a time to see what beliefs have supported our lives and which ones have worked against our happiness.

The 10th of November we will see Mars moving into Aquarius for 45 days.  On the 13th Mercury will move into the sign of Sagittarius and Venus will enter in Capricorn.  And finally the Sun will shine itself through the sign of Sagittarius!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  Nice as generosity will be abundant!

I wish everyone a wonderful November!