Our Heart Connection to One Another!

Hello Everyone!  In the wake of the tragedy of Orlando, it is obvious to me how are hearts are all connected.

Through Astrology, this catastrophe has been reflected in the Saturn/Neptune aspect.  This is one of the most negative express of this combination of energy.  

I want us to look at the most positive expression in spite of the heartache and sadness this can carry.

 Saturn represents karma, reaping what we have sown.  It is the great equalizer, the great balancer.  Saturn makes us look to see where we are off!  It shows us what we need to do to keep going and evolve into a greater human being.

Neptune on the other hand, is like fog, it can distort vision, it does show us what is in the unconscious mind and connects us to the collective unconscious and simply to the hearts of each other.  Neptune says it is time to reach for the highest connection within us.  In its most positive expression, Neptune is Compassion and the highest love humanity has for each other.

When these two come together, yes there can be tragedies that affect us all.  There is also LOVE, COMPASSION AND EMPATHY that we also have to look at.  This above all things reveals the highest and most Divine part of the human being.  

This is a time to recognize our UNITY, not just in Orlando or the United States but throughout the world.  WE ARE THE WORLD EXPRESSED WITH THE LOVE IN THE HEARTS!  This aspect of Saturn and Neptune gives us the opportunity to make the impossible dream happen through uplifting humanity.

Blessings and Love,