Hello Everyone and Blessings!  

June is not over yet folks!  It's possible we are in for a wild ride  as  June 29th approaches as anger can intensify.   The planet or energy of War will be changing directions and going direct or outward!   That in itself can be challenging enough however, it will be coupled with interacting with Uranus.( sudden unexpected situations)  This, from an Astrological perspective, is volatile or at the very least, carries with it the potential of destruction.

Usually there have been underlying currents or conflict just under the surface.  When a Mars/Uranus aspect occurs under normal circumstances, it can indicate accidents or anger seemingly coming out of no where!    Now coupled with the fact that Mars will be moving forward as well and  making tempers short anyway, it is almost certain to see the results in the news and the stock market as well.  If a person's individual chart is being activated by this unpredictable duo, there can be something happening on the home front.   If things have been "feeling stuck",  for awhile, your wait is almost over.  We do get what we want however, in our wildest dreams, we could not imagine the results happening the way they very well might!

 B-12 is a good vitamin to consume as everything will be moving fast and this will at least keep a person calmer.  If you have broken sleep........normal for this time!

I wish us all Blessings,