Time to See Reality.........or Not?

Hello Everyone!   Just 4 more days until  mighty Neptune,  God of the Sea, goes retrograde!  Please understand this powerful, illusive energy changing directions is a big deal!  

It is time to see reality.  It is a time if we have been lying to ourselves, to stop!  It is a time to dig deeper into what is lasting and true!  Dive into the ocean of the subconscious mind and see where we have been our own worse enemy!  

However, there will be those who will choose not to look at what is right in front of them!  This is a time of deep sadness as well.  It can be a time the "crazies" come out to play with complete distortion of a situation.  What your back!

On the up side, here is also a time of seeing the "impossible dream" unfolding right before your eyes.  It is a time to see what can and cannot happen.  However, those situations that can happen, will enjoy the Universe revealing the knowledge of making dreams come true!  Enjoy the time of reaping what has been sowed!   

As the 13th of June approaches, events can become more intense.  Stay with what you know is true in your heart and it will be alright!

In the meantime,