Hello Everyone and Blessings, 

This morning at 4:31 AM EDT, the Sun moved into the sign if Leo, (the king and the child in us)

Astrology is about cycles and energy configurations can be see in the activities in the world. Unfortunately there was another shooting this time in Munich, Germany and the target was children!

 Pluto, the planet of re-doing and destruction, has finally hit the half way point in it's journey in Capricorn that began in 2007 and 2008!  Pluto rules gorilla warfare and certainly we have seen this increase.  Today seems to have hit an all time low.   The good news is this; since now  the turning point is upon us, Pluto gives us the opportunity to see what has been hidden just below the surface.  Anger in many people's lives has been hiding and each angry thought we have for our selves or others is a violation in it's self!

 The Dali Lama has said we can be the kindness person on the inside however, when we beat ourselves up, we are the most violent of people!   Here it is our time to instantly change and let go of patterns no longer serving us with the support of Uranus!

Uranus is the energy to bring on new things and new ideas and a time to let go of those patterns and feelings no longer necessary.  Uranus brings a restlessness and why?  There is a Karmic pattern that is finished.  The Great Spiritual Master from India, Ramana Mahashi said this regarding Karma, " When it is yours to do, you cannot not do it and when it is no longer yours to do, you cannot make it happen."  Uranus is that time when certain patterns are finished. How and under what circumstances is the mystery Uranus conceals until that one moment!

This week leading up to the July 30th, when Uranus retrograde, the intensity increases to make that shift and let go!  Uranus wants freedom!  We as a collective can make that shift from anger to peace by no longer contributing to the hatefulness!  Uranus brings this very quick and in unexpected ways.  Those born on the 17th, 18th and 19th of any month will certainly be in the line of change!  

Blessings to Everyone,