Hello Everyone!   WELCOME AUGUST!

I want to give a little up front information.   Two primary events happening; one on the 13th of August with Saturn going direct and the other is yes, Mercury is retrograding once again at the end of the month!

Saturn (karma, making and breaking commitments) is going direct and is a time to pay the piper! The stock market and money can tighten up!   By the 14th of August, we will begin having wpreviews of issues Mercury may present while in retrograde.

For now, patterns are being broken up and it is an evolutionary time through August 9th. Time to grow!  On the 3rd Mars finally moves out of Scorpio (where it has been for 6 plus months) and enters into Sagittarius where we fine Saturn residing these days.  When these two come together at the end of the month (August 21 through 26th) it will be a time to let go of karmic patterns that have been holding people back.  Those born on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of any month will feel this duo and time for letting go!

Venus (love and money) will move into the sign of prudence......Virgo on the 6th of this month. It speaks for itself!  

The 18th of August brings a Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon).   The eclipse can influence endings in a person's life depending on where it lands in a person's chart.  This eclipse will be in the signs of  Leo and Aquarius. Those born on the 17th, 18th and 19th of any month, may very well experience a low energy at this time.  Remember with the eclipse the light is being hidden during this event!  Meditation and Prayer are always good during these times.

Blessings to Everyone,