Preparation is Always Best!

Preparation for the weather is always a good thing whether it is a stormy day or one of the Sun beating down.  In the same way, making intentions and being alert to changes is best!

By Wednesday of this week, Mars (the planet of war, assertion and courage) will be the bridge connecting two powerful energies, Saturn (reaping what has been sowed) and Neptune (illusions, meditation, prayer and fog)!  The combination of these three planets can be one of bringing reality down to Earth in a way that has no boundaries!

Mars will be activating this configuration until the 28th of August!  Precisely the day before Mercury Retrogrades!  For those people born on the 31st, 1st or 2nd of any month, your time to make ready for the fog lifting to see where things actually are.  Saturn is calling for a balance especially for these people. Time for coming into a balance with how they apply their energy.  If there has not been boundaries, it's time to place them and the opposite if there have been too many.  Balance and reality are the words for this time.

Remember the Eclipse period of two weeks before and two weeks after an eclipse are in play right now!  Sometimes a storm can actually be exciting if the right preparation has been done.

Blessings to everyone!