Welcome to September about 15 days late!  Must be Mercury retrograding until the 22nd of September.  Yes, 6 more days of window shopping, communications getting messed up and of course problems surfacing that is begging for solutions.  

Or perhaps it has been the eclipses.  The solar on the Labor Day weekend and the Lunar TOMORROW at 2:06 pm EDT!!  Yikes!  This pair of eclipses, carries the properties of seeing things as they truly are!  It has been taking off the "rose-colored glasses".  Definitely this can assist in discovering solutions to any challenges needing answers!  Remember events can happen two weeks before or two weeks after the eclipse event!

Pluto (the energy of re-doing and paying off debt (reaping both the good, the bad and the ugly) from the ancestors, is about to go direct on September 26th.  Is it an intense time?  I would certainly say the days leading up to this small and powerhouse planet changing direction, can be quite fierce.  However, in the process, events, people, things, and patterns which have either finished being useful, or may be outdated, or simply has been fulfilled it purpose, is time to end.  While other things simply needs to be redone in a new way!

Pluto is about our ancestors and this month is a great time to honor our them for all the talents and love they cultivated and we get to reap!

Happy Birthday to all the Virgos!  Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, was a Virgo!  In fact she had 5 to 6 planets in Virgo.  Can you guess the highest expression of the magnificent energy?   Yes, it is service.  In its highest expression, Virgo represents the virtue of discernment and service. Lucky for all for all of us, we have Virgo somewhere in our natal charts.

Use the power of discernment and dance, play and party with the stars!