Take a Deep Breath! September is ALMOST over!

Take a deep breath, folks, September is nearly finished!    Just three more energy changes!

Mercury (communications, travel, contracts) will be going direct on the 22nd.  3 MORE DAYS!

This is still a delicate time for all kinds of decisions and communications that has taken place since August 30th.  Be more alert on the 21st for sure.  Cars breaking down and accidents seem to be more prevalent during these times.  The Virgos for most of them, have been ruled by the Mercury retrograde this year!  All problems come to light during a Mercury retrograde.

Western Astrology is based on the seasons, i.e. the Solstice and the Equinox.  This is why we are in "fixed signs".  So do not worry about what is called the recent information about  13 signs and calculations of the positions of the stars.

 The Sun will move into Libra on the 22nd at 9:22 am and it will still be Autumn!  Venus will be ruling for the next 30 days!  Venus is lovely and brings blessings for no apparent reason!  Sweet!

We still have Pluto (ancestral karma, power, re-doing and replenishment) which will also be moving in a direct motion on the 26th of September.  It is the time to re-do, let go, and simply rest if possible.  Watch out for powerful manipulation taking place.   This is beautiful time to honor our ancestors however, in whatever way pleases you!

Where Virgo is located in your natal chart, has been the area where change has taken place this past month.  Sigh.........sigh........sigh!    Deep Breath and WELCOME LIBRA!