Welcome August!

Wow!  What a way to begin the month with two shootings, one in Texas and the other in Ohio!

Astrology is always reflecting what is going on in our lives and in the world.   So, I looked to see what this could be happening in the world of astrology.

Uranus is the planet or energy representing quick unexpected happenings.  In the last two days, August 3 and 4th, this energy was being activated by the planet Venus.  Venus, for the next 7 years will be the planetary ruler of Uranus.  This makes connections from Venus to Uranus more powerful than normal.

Venus is all about love and values.  I do believe these shootings taking place so close to each other are giving us the opportunity to change our values.  Think of it this way, Uranus signifies events similar to earthquakes.  Oh, yes, did I mention Japan experienced an earthquake 6.9 on August 4th? 


Yes, Uranus exemplifies, quick, startling events but not without hints being given along the way.  In other words, the whisperings that the “earthquake is coming!”   What surprises us is, the when, where and how matters will change.  This is what is shocking! 

This same energy affects all of us on a personal level as well.  As Uranus touches our natal astrological energy, we have to incorporate a new way to live in our lives.  We know it is coming; we know it needs to happen and at the same time, we can be complacent by ignoring the warnings.  

Uranus comes to visit us and says, “no more putting off; ready or not!”  We know it’s coming!  We have signs affecting us; broken sleep, a shaking feeling inside, up and happy one minute, and down the next, boredom and restlessness. 

 Ultimately the new way can be refreshing and beneficial.  Uranus is the enemy of smugness or the belief, “I don’t have to change!”

Uranus will change direction on the evening of August 11th.  Why is this date important?  As the 11th approaches we can see erratic events and behavior carrying this “shocking” energy.  August 6th and August 9th will days this energy will be touch once again!

Uranus makes us flexible where we have not been and makes us dig our heels in when we have been too flexible!  It flips us around from where have been way too settled for way too long in our life.  From the outside it looks as if everything has just suddenly taken place, when in fact, it has been coming on for some time!

The people who were born on the 28th, 29th or 30th of any month, can feel the change is coming!  For some people, it can be easy and exciting and for others who are more reluctant, more difficult.

For all of us, BLESSINGS!