"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. "

Lao Tzu


Our relationships, emotional health and energy levels are central to a happy and healthy life. Astrology, Reiki and Meditation have all been critical to Betty on her own journey through life, each guiding and supporting her in their own unique way. These practices can be powerful on their own or in combination as one ventures down the path of personal growth. 

Betty’s guidance helps me remember my existence in a universe bigger than myself. She’s helped me stay present through difficult challenges and brought me closer to myself and my ancestry.
— Rachel Ghiazza, NYC


The skies provide a roadmap for your life journey, explore what's in store for you with a personal astrological reading. 

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Maintain a healthy internal balance and experience the myriad healing effects of Usui Reiki. 

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Facilitate a deep and relaxed meditative state with Keys To The Heart, a Tamboura accompaniment. 

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