I pull my head out of the cave, looked around and asked “Is it safe to come out yet?”.  So much has changed and yet things still appear to be somewhat the same! 

In the month of October everything started moving again after being stagnated throughout the summer.  

Lovely, and normally kind, Venus went retrograde on October 5.  Venus is about love, money, beauty and kindness; however, when it retrogrades it may act more like Mars,(aggression, anger, war, bullying and yet, courageous at times). We can see the expression of these emotions throughout October and up to the events of  recent shootings in Pennsylvania and California as well as the emotionally charged elections.

This month, the 16th of November promises a shift as Venus goes direct in the morning and things begin to move forward.  (sigh)  

Don’t get too comfortable though the evening of the 16th Mercury goes retrograde!  Unless you have Mercury retrograde either in your natal chart or in what is called a progressed chart, this is not the best time for making hard or long lasting decisions!  For you folks born with this configuration, you are finally going to be able to be heard.  It is your time to shine like the genius you are!

For the rest of us, any choices, conclusions, rulings may simply have to be adjusted and/or basically dropped. It is also not a great time for executing contracts unless they have been thoroughly and properly vetted.

Mercury rules communications of all kinds, cell phones, travel, cars, etc.  You get the picture.  People can make incorrect assumptions when reading emails or misunderstand what a person is trying to convey.  Have patience!  The most vulnerable times are the 15th, 16th and 17th.

 Be more alert than normal when driving and be prepared for delays.  

If this were not enough, we have one more event this month with Neptune going direct on the 24th . This is the planet that connects us and yet can be expressed as deception, delusion, trickery and making things seem worse than what they are.  This planet can bring in sadness as well.

In what universe could this be good?  The other side of this powerful and illusive planet is true compassion and also trusting what you know to be real.  Meditation and prayer help to see things more clearly.  

In the days leading up to Neptune going direct, it is very likely we will see the surfacing of any hidden or misleading statements, as well as any deception in the stock market or the government. 

The 23rd, 24th and 25th of November can be the most susceptible times.

Faith, love and compassion are always the virtues we can offer to this world.

Be kind and sweet to oneself.  2018 is nearly over……..!







Welcome September!  Oh, yes!

 Welcome Virgo!

 Goodbye to a lovely but changeable summer!

I feel relieved already don’t you? 

All the signs are in all Astrological Charts!  So when I hear someone say, “Oooo, I don’t like (pick a sign)”, I hear, “I don’t like those qualities of the sign in me!”

Depending on your time of birth, Virgo falls in one area of your life or the planets we came in to this world with can play out in Virgo’s house.  Either way, Virgo does have an influence on us and how we use energy and how it plays out in our individual life.

Me, I love Virgo!  It is possesses that part of us who sees detail and wants to fine tune things as we are looking for perfection all the time!

Alas, Virgo is already pretty perfect!  The weather certainly is even perfect this time of the year; cooler days and pleasant evenings.  It is the harvest time and gathering time of the year.

In its finest, the Virgonian side of us gives great feedback.  Sometimes, however, we find Virgo energy taking the form of criticism instead.  Either way, it is with the hope of becoming greater!  I have found in my own life, great feedback is far more productive!

Virgo rules the senses and yes, they are very refined.  Hearing, seeing, taste and smell all become more acute!  Many Virgos have the ability to play music by ear!  All around the senses are far more enhanced.  Examples of talents would be great photographers, singers, chefs as well as editors!

Virgo rules the assimilation system in the body.  Frequently, the Virgo energy calls for very particular foods to be eaten; otherwise we may see a variety of allergies appear!  There is an attribute of sensitivity to everything dealing with the senses.

Service and knowing how to serve are second nature to the Virgo.

Mother Teresa has 6 of her planets in Virgo.  She continues to be the example of a person serving this world with love and no nonsense.  What a great model she was!

As a boss, the Virgo will work alongside his or her employees.  Because of their abilities for detail, they have the capability to show and teach each step of the way.

Which brings me to the supreme virtue of Virgos; the quality of discernment!  In Virgo’s greatest manifestation, discernment trumps discrimination, criticism or disapproval.

Generally the Virgo energy can be shy when backed into a corner.   Yet, Virgo is that part of all us where we establish boundaries.    The word “NO” is usually told to us with style, in order to keep boundaries from being crossed.

Where would we be without these great talents?  Perfect? Oh, yes!

In fact, this is the ultimate perspective we can have by recognizing, how very naturally Virgo exists within us!


Personal consultations are available as well as Gift Certificates




Half way through this month, I have decided to write a blog about what has been going on and what is coming up for us!

 In astrological terms, we have Mercury retrograde, Uranus now retrograde, Mars continues to be retrograde, Saturn retrograde, Neptune retrograde and yes, but no way least, Pluto retrograde!

My goodness!  Retrograde is an apparent motion of moving backwards regarding the speed of a planet in relationship to the Earth.  The best analogy is two trains passing one another and one appears to be moving in the opposite direction.  Retrograde also means retiring or retreating.

Along with another eclipse on August the 11th, this month has been challenging in many areas of our lives as a whole and in our personal lives, depending upon what energy is being activated in a person’s natal chart.

Old patterns, memories, unfinished business has been up front and in our face so to speak.  With Mercury retrograde it is truly a time for exploring options, gathering information, trial and error to find solutions.  For most people, after Mercury goes direct, making a more lasting decision will be more beneficial.  Mercury will go direct on August 19th.

This month we will see some changes with Mercury and Mars going direct.  These two planets will be a time of moving forward with our decisions and the feeling of stagnation will be lifted. 

If you begin to notice people or yourself becoming impatience, annoyed, or plain old angry, you can be sure Mars, the planet of war and courage will be moving into a direct movement.  As the end of August approaches, this can be more and more evident.


The best part of August, however, comes with the planet or energy of Venus, blessing us, in one or two areas of our lives, depending on a natal chart.   This occurrence happens once every 18 months for a period of 4 to 5 months.    Here is where boons can take place with little or no effort!  Smooth sailing and minimizing troubles in other regions of our lives.  Thank you Venus!

Finally, all these fluctuations will guide us into the month of September, where yes, more adjusts will be on their way!

Many blessings to us all!


Personal Astrological Consultations and Gift Certificates are available.

Oh July! Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and What Else????

Hello everyone and welcome to July!

Where to start?  First let me list what changes are taking place this month and then the explanation!

Jupiter going direct on the 10th

2 eclipses (12th and 27th)

Mercury Retrograde July 27th

Each one of these astrological formations can have significant outcomes.  Let’s take Jupiter to begin with.  Jupiter is beneficial, larger than life in many ways.  It is benevolent and carries no malice of its self, however, when Jupiter touches any energy (planet), it can only exaggerate what is already there.  An example of this would be if Jupiter touches Mars in a person’s chart and who is angry, the anger can get magnified.   When a planet changes direction, those days leading up to that date, we can feel pressured.  That is when a planet goes "direct or retrograde" which is the apparent motion in relationship to the speed of a planet and the speed of planet Earth.

Eclipses tend to express ENDINGS under different circumstances.  We have a Solar (new moon) on the 12th and a Lunar (full moon) on the 27th.   Each pair of eclipses carries with them their own astrological arrangements.  The rule of thumb is an event taking place in a person’s life, if their astrological birth chart is being activated by the eclipse, is two weeks before and two weeks after the event; giving us a 6 week interval of time of influence.

This particular pair of eclipse will be dealing with unhappy news about relationships and friendships. Unexpected events as well can occur, however, even if things look gloomy, the results will ultimately be positive.  

Finally, let’s talk about Mercury retrograde.  Talk is definitely a key word for Mercury!  Communications, communications, communications are the concerns when Mercury retrogrades.  Mercury governs cell phones, decisions, plane trips, cars, etc.  The retrograde motion seems to cause turmoil for most people.  There are exceptions to this rule and which is a person who has Mercury retrograde in the Astrological chart. 

Mercury retrograde is going back over and revisiting choices previously made, from July 10th on until July 27th.  It is a time, after Mercury retrogrades, to be guarded with driving, purchases, contracts, unless of course, Mercury is retrograde in your chart. 

It is a year of great change and challenges!  Alas, August will also carry its fluctuations.  Most importantly, we have the opportunity to keep on moving, changing and evolving!


Welcome June the Longest Month of the Year??

Welcome to June, the month with the longest day of the year.

With the changes we have already witnessed and the changes taken place this month, we may see it as the longest month of the year!

In the past couple of months, April and May, we have seen Mercury (communications) go direct,

Saturn ( reaping and sowing) go retrograde, Pluto (re-doing, power plays) go retrograde and the most powerful change, Uranus (earthquakes, sudden changes) move into a new sign, Taurus (money, music and self -worth) for the first time since 1935!  I am tired already!

Perhaps I should explain the meaning of the “retrograde” movement is before we look at June.

It astrological terms, it is a time when we reconsider some of our past decisions or actions we have performed.  It can also include those issues we didn’t act on at all.   All this takes place internally if our individual energy or astrological configuration is being touched by all a retrograde movement.  Otherwise, we can observe what changes are happening in politics, stock market, and Mother Earth herself.

Uranus, of course, represents new, exciting, different and sudden changes dealing with money, music, the arts, self-worth and most of all, gratitude.  Uranus says “out with the old and in with the new”!  Uranus transits are a time for flexibility and allow us to see what is going to stay and what maybe temporary!

So back to June and what can we expect this month?  

Neptune, the planet of deception and illusion makes its retrograde turn on June 18th.   This “God of the Seas” planet can make things look worse than what they are as well as bringing things to light that has been hidden.  The days leading up to this change can be most intense.  Many times, people can be completely deluded at this time.

Watch out for truths being revealed about the stock market and politics.  We can see where we, as a people, have been deceived.  Grrrrrrrr!

On the 26th of June, Mars, the planet of war goes retrograde for the first time in 2 1/2 years!  This is where will see action and change!  The area that Mars activates in a person’s  astrological chart, will be a place of great activity for 6 months.  For the general public, Mars can generate anger, proving the ego is right but Mars can be immense courage!  Again the days leading up to this can have people as a whole, aggressive and irritated!


Blessings to us, until next time!











Welcome April and the Sweet Changes!

Welcome Spring, Welcome Home from Spring Break and Welcome to the month of April!

April Fool’s Day on Easter and Passover, definitely an interesting way to welcome the month April.

Have you notice Mercury is retrograde?  Yes, since the 22nd of March.   This curious, decision making, communitive planet has been causing us to re-evaluate events and choices we have made.  Don’t worry though Mercury goes direct on April 15th!   What does this mean from an Astrological perspective?

Whatever conclusions we have come to, we may change our minds.  Spending time gathering information or window shopping can be some of the best use of Mercury while still in retrograde.  Once Mercury goes direct, for most people, it is probably a more suitable time for final decisions.  There are exceptions to this rule, such as a person was born with Mercury retrograde in their natal astrological blueprint.

So what more can we expect in April as the weather shifts from winter to spring?   The planet Saturn will also change directions this month along with mighty Pluto.  Watch changes in the stock market as directional shifts seems to influence the energy of money!

Saturn being the task master and the energy of “reaping what we have sowed”, slows everything down to generate a balance whether we recognize the need for it or not. 

This time is a new beginning for Capricorns born December 29 through the 31st who will be reaping from the last 30 years of their lives.  Remember the word balance.   As April 17th approaches, it would not be unusual to feel the pressure Saturn can bring.

We conclude the month of April with one more change as Pluto will also go retrograde on April 22nd.  Pluto is a powerful energy of destruction and renewal.  Pluto destroys those patterns and circumstances that have out lived their purpose and either need to be discarded or redone in a new and more evolved way.   Pluto can sometimes feel like a slow death is occurring in society and in our personal lives.

Of course this would make sense since Uranus will be moving into Taurus for the first time 84 years in the month of May!   We are at the end of patterns that began in 1935.  

So as we prepare for new beginnings, it is always a good time to learn to dance with the stars.

Blessings till next time!








Hello and Welcome!

Recently my life was “put on hold” so to speak for the past 2 months as my focus in life became my family.

As I looked at my Astrological Chart, the planet, Uranus was being the most prominent energy being activated.  Uranus brings us change and quickly and most of all, circumstances unexpected!  Uranus also rules Earthquakes on this Earth and in our lives!

During such times a person must become flexible where one has been unbending and digging their heels in the areas where “anything goes”!

Regardless of the situations, even if temporary, Uranus leaves quite a wake behind.  We can be assured after Uranus leaves us, returning to once was, has vanished!

Everyone has Uranus in their Natal Astrological Chart.  Here is where we can observe the genius rooted in the heart of the person.  Uranus brings great opportunities as well.  Have you ever come to place where you find yourself bored, impatient, or perhaps looking for something exciting?  These are all the markers of Uranus on the way to visit your life for a while.  Perhaps there is the heart racing with the knowing something is about to happen.   These all the signs of Uranus coming!

It takes Uranus 84 Earth years to rotate around the Sun.  In Astrology, we break this cycle into four 21 year cycles that are quite noticeable in our personal lives.

On May 15th, Uranus will move into the sign of Taurus for the first time in 84 years!  Some of things Taurus represents is, music and the arts, money, Self-worth and Gratitude. In the next 2 months, we are ending this 84 year cycle regarding all this qualities and more!   For sure, the ME TOO MOVEMENT, is symbolic of the “self-worth” part of Taurus!

When mixed with Mars, the planet or energy of war, Uranus can become a volatile state of affairs! President John Kennedy, for instance, was born with this configuration.  

From May 13th until the 17th of May as Uranus enters into this new sign for the first time in 84 years, the planet Mars will be welcoming Uranus in a most powerful way on a globe stage.

I invite you to observe in the next two months, the completion of what was new ideas back that was considered a bit radical for the times in 1935.  I believe we are entering into a new era in many ways. 

If a personal Astrological chart is active at this time, of course, unexpected changes can certainly take place in a person’s life.  We do survive!  Every person has the opportunity to experience the suddenness of Uranus at the very least, every 21 years.

What benefits come out the rubble?  A renewal of life, evolution, freedom and certainly growth!  Uranus brings new opportunities bringing brilliant ideas and inventions and the hope of new cures for diseases!  

 One thing is for certain, we will become flexible and learn to dance with the stars; for the times, "they are a changin'!




The United States of America is subject to the astrological energy influence just as each one of us is.

It is no wonder as of January 20, 2018, we have a government  shut down as Saturn (balance, karma, reaping what is sown) is making a square aspect to Venus ( money ).  In other words, it is time to put the brakes on wherever there has been an abuse of money.  We will see a temporary lift of this energy on the 24th of January.  Don’t be fooled as this is the year to bring in balance with government spending regardless what the Congress or the Presidency does.  As with all Astrological configurations, we will witness how this powerful task master (Saturn) plays out!  This is simply a “preview” of coming attractions later this year.  Watch the months of July through October.  If the lessons are not learned, we will have a few months to get right!

An even more important change is coming February 8th and 10th!  On the 8th of February, Mars (aggression, courage) will be moving into the 1st house (independence or impulsive, also war and courage), for the first time in 2 ½ years, Mars is indicating a new pattern ready to unfold.  Mars in this position gives power and courage to finally go for it!  It is quick and decisive!

Two days later, we begin a new 30 year pattern as the Solar arc ascendant will leave the house of power plays, back stabbing (8th) and moves into the 9th house (Diplomacy, Foreign people, Religion, Politics).  I do believe we can see the Congress changing how they represent the people of this country (after all, it is an election year)!

The Solar Arc Ascendant moving into to a new area for the next 30 years is a big deal!  The 9th house in a chart can sometimes be larger than life!  Exaggeration is not unusual or can be foot in mouth disease or the possibility of “over the top”, promising more than can be delivered.  Anyway we look at it, a new form of governing is about to unfold.  Perhaps we will see the people of the USA letting congress know what we like and dislike.   Just like in Great Britain, Parliament runs that country on behalf of the Queen; here congress runs the country on behalf of “we the people”.

What else can we observe as we finish up old patterns and bring on the new?  From now until the month of May, we will be finishing up an 84 year pattern as the mighty and unpredictable planet, Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus!   What does this indicate?  A pattern began in April 1935, regarding love, money, music, self-love and most of all, gratitude.  All the qualities Taurus represents changed way back then.  Uranus itself brings new ideas, times of trial and error, temporary situations and shocking unpredictable events.  Where things are too flexible, Uranus can make us more conservative.  Also, where things have been too conservative, it is a time to expand outward and become more tolerate.     Like all Uranus transits……change is inevitable!

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How will the stars welcome 2018?

Right now we have the opportunity to see previews of coming attractions for 2018!

In this blog, I will be focusing on one of them.

Saturn, the planet of karma and balance has recently moved into the sign of Capricorn.  Saturn itself is ruled by this sign of the mountain goat, and will be at home in his own sign for the next two and a half years!

The area where Capricorn is active in your chart, indicates where you will be reaping what you have sown for the last 30 years of your life.  If you are not yet 30 years old, this will be a new experience for you and your relationship with balance.

We all know it, where we need to make changes, and approximately 9 months before this change comes, we begin to contemplate where we would like our lives to be more balanced.

Of course, when people hear the word Karma, they automatically think of “good” or “bad”.  In all actuality, it is neither.  Saturn simply gives back to us whatever energy we have put out there; no more, no less!  There is no need to fear this remarkable energy.  It gives us foundation and structure.

Regarding world events, it is time to pay the piper and have less wobbling.  The stock market is a great indicator of one place where the imbalance might be.  A great teacher from India once said that when something has gone too far, a law of nature is broken and the opposite must occur.  Saturn is the enforcer of this law. 

Two things come about with the energy of the ole mountain goat, one brings balance, self-effort and Grace, while the other face of Saturn can definitely bring restrictions until the lessons have been learned or until we have more mature way of doing and seeing things.

As an example, those born with the Sun in Capricorn might begin to feel older during this time.  If one has worked too hard, it will be time to slow down.  While those Capricorns, who have not made so much effort, it will be time to roll up the sleeves and put forward determination and sweat!

Most people fail to see the Grace Saturn brings during these times.  I believe it is essential to acknowledge the efforts that have been made and enjoy them.  This too, is reaping!  Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the Grace among the perceived restrictions; however, learning to dance with the energy of the Universe can be very rewarding in itself.


Overall, the next 2 ½ years should be interesting time to observe new beginnings in our lives and this world.


If you would like to know where Capricorn or Saturn resides in your chart and your new beginnings are happening, you are welcome to schedule a consultation!

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Neptune, Mercury Retrograding! Oh December!

We have just completed one of several upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving. 

The one holiday of the year, reminding us to express the virtue of Gratitude. 

Several things occurred from an Astrological position, leading up to the day of Thankfulness.  First of all, Neptune, the planet or energy of hidden things and illusions, began to pick up speed in relationship to the Earth, on the 22nd of November when it went direct.  In the news, many hidden activities from some famous people were exposed.


 Along with Neptune going direct, we were, and are, in the thick of seeing “previews” of Mercury

(Energy of communications, decisions) going retrograde on December 3rd.  What does that mean?


Mercury includes all kinds of communications and decisions.  Since the 15th of November, we have all been given glimpses of some of the situations and choices we have made, and may revisit once again, when Mercury retrogrades on the 3rd of December.

For people who have the wonder of Mercury retrograde in their Astrological charts, this period of time gives them an open door to be heard and more, these people will have their choices stand firm.  It is their time to shine!

Mercury retrograding, may very well surface up problems that were hidden from us since we made our decisions.   Mercury appearing to be going backwards,  is a great time for studying, window shopping, assessing, trial and error and making decisions that will be temporary.

What it is not good for is long term decisions and contracts, getting cars worked on and traveling!  It is a time of redoing.  There may be many returns after the gift giving season is over as Mercury stays retrograde until the 22nd of December.


Let’s get back to Neptune for a moment, simply because of all the hidden activities we have seen occurring.  Heroes falling from Grace, women and men finally feeling safe to come forward and exposing the sexual abuse that everyone knew about and no one talked about!

On December the 3rd as well as Mercury retrograding, we have a full moon with the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius and the moon in the sign of Gemini.   Both the Sun and Moon will be triggering, yes, you guessed it……Neptune once again.  I feel sure we will be made aware of more concealed activities.

People born on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of a month as a Pisces, Sagittarian, Virgo and Gemini, Libran or Leo, can feel the influences of the powerful God of the Sea, Neptune. 

Neptune, in its most enlightened manifestation however, is true compassion for all humanity.   It is the empathy we feel for each other in times of difficulties.

With the holidays of Giving coming upon us, we certainly have the opportunity to illuminate the virtue of Kindness which exists in each of our Hearts!





Hello Everyone,

Let’s get right to it! 


  After all this time of the year, the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio and yes, we all have it somewhere in our Astrological Charts!

Sexual abuse has gone on for centuries and now it is being exposed out in the open for all to see.

Men and women have been subjected to the humiliation of sexual predators and have remained silent.  Why?

Through the Astrological chart, several things show the potential of sexual abuse and why we are silent about it”  

First, the position of Pluto in a person’s Astrological chart, is key in delineating where the area of darkness may possibility take place.

  Pluto represents our deepest secrets and shame as well as our addictive patterns we may have inherited.  These can be blueprints of unfinished business from other times.  Pluto represents dominance over another as a way of being powerful!  Pluto can also represent where we are attracted to the shadow side of ourselves and the shady side of society. 

The shame side of Pluto enters when we place judgement on human qualities and suppression comes into our lives.  Rather than Pluto being our passion for something, it becomes our obsession and our shame.

Not to give Pluto a completely bad rap, carried within, Pluto energy is also the power to transcend habitual patterns, heal others and evolve to the greatest unfoldment of consciousness.  This is where we can contribute to others from a place of complete unselfishness and be like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes!

Displays of sexual energies are also expressed through the planet Mars!  Mars represents our actions.  It is how we convey our sexual desires. 

Let’s take Harvey Weinstein’s chart as an example since he is right upfront in the news these days. 

Harvey was born in Flushing New York on March 19, 1952.  Even without his birth time, we can see several indications of possible manifestations regarding power, sex and manipulation indicated in his chart.

Pluto energy is retrograde in his Astrological Map, and we know with the retrograde motion, Harvey is re-doing all matters regarding manipulation, sexual expression and most of all power.  He came into this world already knowing “how to manipulate” and was also given the opportunity to use this energy for the good of all.

Pluto is also in his Solar house of self-worth.  Here is the corner of his life where, the power of Pluto is tied up.  It is the house of money, artist talents and his measure of self-respect and unfinished business.

 What about the position and force of his Mars?   Mars is in the sign of Scorpio!  Pluto and Mars both rule Scorpio.    The combination of Mars and Pluto is like pouring fuel onto a fire! 

Pluto is hidden and Mars is upfront!  Self-worth and the virtue of appreciation are the indeed his lessons to learn.

 Many times with Pluto, it looks as if a person will “get away” with an action however in the end, if the energy is not used for the benefit of the others, it will ultimately turn on a person and bite them. 

 The combination of Mars and Pluto can easily manifest as the “bully” and/or the “sexual hunter”.  Like all Astrological make-up, a person’s consciousness defines how the energy will unfold.

Finally looking at a person’s chart can also indicate not just the expression of Pluto or Mars, but also the potential of confronting people like Harvey Weinstein in our lives. 

The power associated with Mars/ Pluto also can manifest as enormous courage defending right action and the rights of others!

 Like all things, our Love for our own self determines how our lives unfold.


Good Bye Summer and Welcome Autumn!


Greetings and Welcome Autumn!

After a very challenging Summer, WELCOME AUTUMN!

One of the most challenging  things we can sometimes go through is gettingback to a routine after coming back from a vacation, a business trip and yes, tragedy. 

Since the eclipses back in August, Uranus (unexpected events) retrograding, Mercury retrograding and going direct (Communications and decisions), and Saturn going direct (Karma, cause and effect), we have had our lives disrupted.   People are finding routines have been disrupted and we left “different and not the same.”

Even those of us who were not part of the hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, have also been affected.  How is that?  From the perspective of Astrology, we can look to Pisces energy and 12 house influence.

  Pisces has no boundaries.  It represents the ethers among the 5 elements of the Universe.  Here is where we are all connected consciously or unconsciously.  What happens to one of us causes a ripple to reach out and touching all of us however small the wrinkle may be.

Every person has every sign in their Astrological Natal Chart.  Remember the signs embody energy and the houses symbolize the area in life this energy is expressed. 

A person may be a Libra (partnerships, balance) for instance and still have 12th house expression (secrets and no boundaries) hmm, or perhaps someone is a Pisces expressing the no boundaries in the 5th house (Leo house) of playing and having fun!

For sure, we all have this connection manifesting somewhere in our lives.  In both the 12th house and with Pisces energy, true compassion is one of the highest expressions we can witness and express.   One has to then define what compassion actually is.  For some it is playing the martyr for others it can be self-denial or self- undoing and for another, compassion is doing what is necessary.

Pisces energy is powerfully hidden from our consciousness most of the time.  Think about the magic and power of thought.  We cannot see thought, we can however, see the result of thought.  Pisces represents inner thoughts and beliefs within the recesses of our own mind.  And how powerful are those thoughts?  These invisible forms of energy practically run the show after all! 

The 12th house represents the area where we go when we have had enough from the outside world.  Here is our “retreating place” for one reason or another.   We find in this house what many people are thinking but no one is saying out loud.

 A great example of this is Mahatma Gandhi!  He had his Sun in Libra in the 12th house.  He loved freedom (no boundaries) and was a “voice” for the millions of people who also desired freedom and yet kept their thoughts and beliefs about independence to their own self. 

Yes, we are all connected through our thoughts, inner feelings and beliefs.

So if you are finding yourself tired, sad and or perhaps finding it difficult establishing a routine and getting back to normal, it just maybe that “normal” for all of us has changed.

Our prayers and good wishes also carry “no boundaries”.  Pisces and 12th house area is where through positive thoughts, positive beliefs, and boundless compassion, we do have the ability to uplift this world even in the most difficult of times.

In three days, we will experience Pluto going direct.  We can witness the stock market going through extremes, power plays intensifying, and in our own individual lives, should Pluto (re-doing, letting go, transformation) be touching our personal astrological charts. 

We are in times of great change.  Our POSITIVE thoughts and Blessings carry just as much power as the negative and defeating ones.   

If you would like a personal Astrological Chart Consultation, please contact me.






Hello everyone and let’s see if we can make sense with all that’s going on in the USA and the World thru the eyes of Astrological cycles.

We have to go back to August 2nd when Uranus went retrograde.  We no sooner became “somewhat adjusted to the unpredictable behavior of Uranus when on August 12th, Mercury went retrograde and oh, yes, let’s not forget the first of two eclipses, the Lunar on August 7th. 

Uranus has given us a sense of things not being stable and bringing forward shocking events.  Eclipses can bring into a person’s life or a Nation’s life great changes as well. 

This particular set of eclipses can bring unexpected events on top of Uranus’s shocking nature.  Usually these powers can bring issues to a head, which have been ready and on the verge of change.  The difficulty is the unexpected ways in which it takes place.

Now let’s look at Mercury retrograding on August 12th.  Mercury’s job in the retrograde cycle is to bring out hidden problems and have the decisions made prior to the 12th of August, revisited.

Do you think there is more?  Oh yes!  Eclipses are in influence two weeks before and two weeks after they occur.  Essentially this is a six week span.

Now with the 21st coming on Monday, this better half of the pair of eclipses, the Solar, has not yet finished the impact on this world.  Remember, these are sudden and unexpected events taking place.  Everything is in our face right now.   Patterns needing to change are being broken up.  This is obviously being reflected in the news reports these days as well as in people’s private lives.

Okay so is this it for August of 2017…..NO not yet!

  On August 25th, Saturn may very well start flexing the muscles with “PAYING THE PIPER TIME!”   It is karma balancing time.  Saturn is in the last throws of generating its disciplines to the sign of Sagittarius (politics, foreign countries, our beliefs).

 How does Saturn do this you ask?  It is done through balance.  Where things have been too constricted, it’s time to let loose and where circumstances have been too exaggerated and overdone, you guessed it, it is time to pull back and do with less.

In actuality, Saturn can very possibly calm some of the madness we have been witness to recently.

All and all this has been a volatile month to say the least.  So how does this affect our country?   Uranus has brought hidden rebellion to the forefront.  We can see this being manifested from the 18 through the 22nd of August with the help of Mercury retrograde.  Mercury is like being hit with electricity and that is precisely what it will be doing as it touches off Uranus!

Saturn is going to put on the brakes as it is in opposition to Mars (war, courage)!  We may very well see things slowing down.  Remember Saturn brings balance overall and gives a sense of grounding.

The 25th of August can also give us the opportunity to hold on to our belief in a higher power as Jupiter will form an aspect to the United States’ part of fortune.  Here is where we can feel whole and complete through our Spiritual practices as a group of citizens.  Jupiter is our overall moral compass, our philosophy in a higher power and that is reflected in our political beliefs as well.  

Love, Love, and more Love will help contribute to healing anything!



If you would like to see how your chart is individually affected please contact me.



Eclipse through the Eyes of Astrology!


All the excitement surrounding the eclipse of August 21, 2017 is thrilling since here in the United States, most people will be able to see a total eclipse for the first time in 90 years!  I was inspired to write about eclipses and present my understanding of them through Astrology. 

As an Astrologer, I do my best to see the highest and best of a situation, person or an event.  Astrology can also be used to help prepare for a happening, similar to a weather report of probabilities.

Although this phenomena is rare and exciting, through the eyes of Astrology……not so much!

Each eclipse carries its own chart and a particular expression of energy! The power of the chart can change situations and patterns, most often these changes are long overdue. 

Generally eclipses, in the world of Astrology, are inauspicious, as they conceal the light energy of the Sun or Moon.  Many times, throughout history, major losses are experienced in the world or personally or both.

Eclipses also come in pairs, the lunar (full moon) and the solar (new moon), two weeks apart.  As a general rule in Astrology, the influence of an eclipse begins two weeks before and continues two weeks after.  Given the fact we have two different eclipses occurring, the entire effects is contained in a six week period of time.

We all know of the Solar Eclipse (August 21) however, its partner happens on August 7 (Lunar Eclipse). Therefore, we enter into the phase of impact on July 24.  The end date will be September 4th.

If the chart of the Eclipse happens to interact with a person’s chart, there can be an event in the life of that person.  The same is true with a country as well.

The suggestion of this pair of eclipses can be unexpected happenings where there can be pressure applied on personal relationships as well as health problems.  It is a time not to make hasty decisions until all the facts are in.  These two eclipses can make things appear larger than life.

Countries where the eclipse is visible tend to undergo some major event, up to 6 months afterwards.

Prayer and meditation is always the best way to keep focused during unexpected events and eclipses and always love, compassion for one another including ourselves is forever the best. .












Happy Birthday to the United States of America!


Happy Birthday to the United States of America!

The Solar return Chart (when the Sun comes to the precise position of the natal chart), of the USA will take place on July 4, 2017 at 10:17 PM EDT.  New beginnings happen as the old expression of the previous year is completed. 

A Solar Return Chart reflects the new patterns for the upcoming year.  This year, Aquarius energy will bring a new power and new momentum!  The Moon position is Scorpio, giving women incredible power this year!  The Sun moves into Cancer, the house of children.  It is very possible the mothers will fiercely stand up, lead and defend the families in this country!

We must always go back to the natal chart as our base to see how a new year will support the evolution of our country. 

This summer, a theme emerges with the powerful influence of Saturn, the great equalizer, bringing us into balance.  We can see restrictions where we have been too lenient or easy-going and vice versa. Regardless balance is about to happen! 

Starting on June 29th and continuing until the 22nd of July, the United States can make more effort than usual.   This is a new pattern being set up for the next 12 years.  Three areas are effected.  The first is the house of money and resources, the second is area of communications and contracts, communications and lastly, the house of big business! 

Starting also, June 29th and continuing through the 8th of August, hidden enemies can easily be exposed with Saturn joining Neptune (illusions and deception). Neptune in the natal chart of the USA, is in the 10th house of leadership.

As Saturn aspects Neptune, it will now have the task of revealing these secret enemies including our own self undoing.  In other words, how our belief system, as group, has either supported this country or has worked against it, especially in the area of leadership. It is time to see reality with Congress and the Presidency.

This can be the most surprising of all!  This combination can also bring a national sadness with it.  However, we will get to see how to change things for the better as well.

Starting on the 16th of July we begin 15 years of reaping what we have sown with our partners in the world and in the area of children.  In general, this can frequently manifest as a “temper tantrum”.   Saturn the restrictor makes an opposition to Mars, the warrior! This continues until October the 2nd.   Where we have made right effort, the Grace does come home.  Where we have not made the effort…….well, you get it idea. Boundaries may and can be placed on us.

One thing is for sure, this will be a summer of “tune up”.  Like a car, maintenance has to be done in order to keep it running and we too, as a country will now have our “tune up”.    The more the people can recognize the need for balance the more we can appreciate our time of reaping what we have sown.

Happy Birthday United States of America!

Happy Birthday to all of us,  the people! 



Recently, I have been moved to once again look at the major transits (or influences) now activating the United States of America. 

To understand how forecasting works in Astrology, we have to understand a couple of things about the “Natal Chart”.   The Natal Chart is the combination of energies a person or country had at the moment of its birth.  Everything in this world is constantly changing and evolving.  The transits are the energies, represented by different planets that influence and unlock the potential existing within an astrological chart. 

As we look at the natal chart of our beloved country, we see many things happening this summer.  The biggest impact seems to be with the planetary sway of Saturn, the task master and reaping what has been sown.  Ultimately, Saturn is about balance, fine tuning, and restriction, if necessary, to bring in balance.   Whenever there is an extreme one way or the other, Saturn is there to straighten things out.  Think of Saturn as the Great Mother or Father who will not allow the child to cross a busy street until the ability of the child has the wisdom to know when and when not to cross. 

As a country, we will have the opportunity to witness what needs to happen to settle the karma of past actions. We give Congress and the President the right to be our voice, so I suspect much will be seen in how well these representatives truly embody our intent and wellbeing. 

It has already started with Saturn triggering Mercury of the chart.  Mercury is all about communication and for the United States the area under its domain is the house of leadership and public standing as well as partnership.  Saturn, says “I am here to take control and break up patterns, you know what needs to change but have not been able to do on your own.”  In other words, we are going down a path we have not been before. It is time to evolve in those areas of public standing and partnerships. 

Like all things in Astrology, there is a layering of one energy over another.  For the next year, we have a turning point with our interaction with foreign countries that act as our partners.  It is also time to define who we are, as a nation. 

At the end of June, specifically the 29th and 30th, two more areas come into play from the authority of Saturn.   First, money, partnerships and communications, are being regulated with a new beginning for the first time in 12 years.  It is a phase to make self-effort and reap what has been sown, in these areas.  This self-effort will continue until July 22nd.  Secondly, Saturn will be forming a square aspect to the planet (or energy) of Neptune. Neptune is the great pretender or illusion and playing the victim.  When Saturn comes to this position, hidden truths will be revealed.  Secret enemies will get exposed.  It is a reality check for our own self sabotage. 

Since Saturn is the energy representing “reaping what has been sown”, both good and not good, depending on past actions. Change must come and with it a blanket of sadness can cover the country though August the 8th.  This is a time to see what has been hidden, secrets and back-stabbing enemies. It is also a time to expose any hidden agendas. It can also show us what we, as a people, have been ignoring and can be a time of cleansing. Saturn allows us to bring things into balance.  This powerful energy carries no judgement, it simply says, “this is what you have sown and now is the time to reap the fruit of those actions”.  What you have done in a beneficial way will also be realized. 

So overall, it is a time to bring balance back into the country.  Take a deep breath and let us come back into equilibrium.  We, as the people of this country, are the living contribution ultimately responsible for the keeping a sense of balance.







What is Coming up for Donald Trump? Hmmmm!

There is so much going on in the news these days about our Government and more specifically, about Donald Trump and the White House, I thought it might be helpful to look at what is coming up from an astrological forecasting perspective.

First of all, keep in mind that an Astrological forecast is like a “weather report” of probabilities for how things might play out.

Starting on the 20th of May through the 26th, Donald Trump shows he will be moving in the direction of which he has come into this world to do.  This pull toward his “life direction”, the role of caring for others, can show up as Donald hitting hard as he has done in the past. This may be accomplished through aggression and/or anger.  But May 27th and through the 21st of June, he might hit the brakes hard!  In fact, the month of June begins with a pattern of “reaping what he has sown” for the entire summer.  Some of this will be circumstances beyond his control. 

At the moment, his hidden agendas are being revealed with Saturn (reaping) touching off the Pluto energy in his house of secrets. In this case, Saturn makes known that which is hidden and demands balance and change.

If this were not enough, he is also defining money and love in his life.  Saturn is the task master and says “the buck stops here”! 

Whenever imbalances occur, we can always count on Saturn to bring us back into balance with no judgement.  This mighty planet simply says, “HERE IS WHAT YOU PLANTED AND HERE IS WHAT YOU ARE GETTING”!

On June 3rd through July 1st we may very well see his career moving down a new path as Saturn continues to bring pressure for change.  Here too, he will be relinquishing karmic patterns and debts as well as starting new ones.  Watch the events from June 11 right up to July 9th.

Saturn says, “Time to grow up”, which brings me to an astrological observation of Donald Trump through his natal birth chart.  It appears, he has had little or no boundaries in this life and as much as he may fight those boundaries, he secretly wants them.  Hence, he is always pushing to see just how far he can go.  His chart suggests he has great hidden fears and does not have the courage to put his own boundaries.  Sadly, his parents sent him away to military school at age 13, as a way to discipline him in and with his money, people can easily blow smoke just to appease him. 

The question one has to ask, is there no one who loves him enough to stop and lovingly put the boundary he has been seeking his whole life?  If not June, July may very well bring more restrictions. 


Time for deep breathing everyone!




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Forecasting for Donald Trump!

Forecasting is an essential part of assessing an astrological chart and in some ways similar to a weather report (we know to prepare for a storm if we know when it’s coming).  Astrology forecasting is based on cycles and is a major part of Astrology.

Most people have heard of the 7-year cycle; it is based on Saturn, which is reaping what we have sown.  There is also a 21-year cycle represented by the planet Uranus.  And a few people might have heard of the 8-year cycle which influences love and money.  We can observe these sequences in people who are in the public eye.  There is no one at this time in the public eye more than Donald Trump.  So let’s explore his personal “weather report” for the near future.

We do not have to look very hard, April 18, 2017, Trump began a new 21-year cycle with the energy Uranus.  Here the impact of sudden, erratic, restlessness within him, coupled with unexpected turn of events will be playing a big role in his life.  In the area of love and in his leadership, we can observe changes which will seem to be coming from “out of the blue”.  However, many times these surprising changes have already been in the works.  To the outsider, these changes will seem startling. The last time this particular cycle appeared in Donald’s chart was 21-years ago when divorced his second wife!  Frequently, this aspect between Uranus and Venus (love) can indicate a significant change in a marriage.  Uranus is the ruler of earthquakes and like an earthquake, in just one moment everything can be altered in a person’s life!

Natural cycles with great impact, usually take place over a period of time.  One step forward and then one step back is the dance of the Uranus transit, the Mother of all Cycles and of Mother Nature herself.  We will have the opportunity to observe the powerful dance on and off during the year ahead.  The first part began on April 18 and will continue until May 26.

Starting on April 21 is a Mars transit which will continue for 45 days in Donald’s chart.  Mars will be moving into his house of leadership and the public eye.  Mars is the planet of war and aggression. Mars says “let go” and runs where to angels fear to tread.  Mars moving into this area, gives us the opportunity to any obstacles restraining his decisions and pushing through them.

There could indeed be a vast change for Donald Trump approaching as April 26, he begins a 30 year shift internally within himself in the four major areas of his life (physical body, home, partnerships, and career).

Two other influences take place in the next few weeks.  The first one begins on May 9, 2017, as his Progressed Moon moves into his 12th house. For two and a half years, the area of secrets and the unconscious mind will be a focus point.  It is a house of withdrawing.

The other is going to tone down things with love and money and career, a kind of reaping what he has sown beginning May 12 through June the 12th.  This Saturn transit will push Donald Trump down a new path and break up patterns in the area of his leadership.

Enough for now lest our heads spin out of control!  We will explore more upcoming events in the future as, well.

When Trump changes, we are all affected by them!




Since Pluto will be retrograding on April 20th, it seems fitting to explore Pluto in Donald Trump's Chart.

In Astrology, the planet Pluto represents our ancestral karma or to put it in more practical terms, it represents what is in our DNA.  In all spiritual traditions, there is debt to pay for the ancestors (also known as the sins of the fathers being passed down up to seven generations)!

Pluto also represents aspects of the manipulative side of ourselves and where and how we manipulate ourselves and others.  Pluto energy is hidden power and represents “guerilla” warfare, giving us the ability to smile while twisting the knife.

Pluto is not all bad since it helps us to transform and represents passion. In its highest and most evolved expression, we can see Pluto as the evolutionary part of ourselves.  As with all of Astrology, the expression of any energy can be positive or negative depending on how conscious we are of the most Divine parts of ourselves.


In our continued astrological analysis of Donald Trump’s chart, we find the dark, hidden energy tucked away in his 12th house.  The 12th house rules the unconscious mind, dreams, connecting to the collective unconscious.  It represents a part of ourselves we don’t normally give attention or notice.  The 12th house has no boundaries and is like trying to see through thick fog. 


One has to be careful of playing the victim with energy in this house which we can see in Donald Trump and his tendency to play the victim as a way of manipulating (nothing is ever his fault!)   With Pluto in this position, he may also have an obsession with secrets and no boundaries with it.  The lack of boundaries can show up with either playing the martyr or keeping secrets or both!


  Pluto is all about control issues when a person is not confident.  Micro –managing is one way the control issues can manifest.  Remember the position of Pluto makes these tendencies hidden to the person who has them.  To everyone else, it is simply obvious.  Think of it this way, when we are driving into the Sun, it is difficult to see what is right in front of us while the other cars coming toward us sees what is in the road clearly.   It is a difficult position since the patterns of Pluto are inherited or at the very least “unfinished business”. 

Since Pluto is in Leo in his chart, we once again have to go back to his Sun Sign in Gemini.

Gemini is versatile, mimics well, the person knows a little about a lot of things, bores easily and is curious.

   Most of all this is the house of dreams!  Many times, people with this placement, have horrific dreams and end up not sleeping well.   So it is not surprising Trump’s sleeping habits are what they are.

Just by watching the news we can see Trump’s chart fulfill itself.


In the next blog we explore upcoming events in Donald Trump’s Chart.



Donald Trump, Exploring Deeper into the Man!

The Trump presidency continues to unfold with leaks here and there. One of the leaks described Donald’s ability to holler and yell at his hand-picked staff.   He needs a plumber (and I’m sure it will be the BEST plumber, of course

Mars is the signature planet of war, anger and courage.  All of these qualities belong to the domain of Mars. Where it is located within the chart gives us insight into how a person conveys these traits.  Mars rules our sexual drive and our physical actions, clumsy, coordinated or somewhere in between.   It regulates the amount of energy we have and how we express it.

Investigating Donald Trump’s chart, we see his Mars is in Leo and in the 12th house.  What does that mean?

Leo is that part of us that says “Taa-daa! Look at me”!   It signifies our inner child along with the actor and the dramatic expression within us.   

The position of the Sun sign can also further delineate the Leo energy.  In Donald’s chart, his Sun is in Gemini (communications).  This would mean Trump can express anger (or courage) in a most dramatic way, especially with his words.  Bellowing would be a good description.  He receives attention with his words, positive and negative.

Mars in Leo loves being the hero! In this position, the high road would be fighting for those people less fortunate.  However, in a path lacking light, this might unfold as “showing off” just for the sake of attention.

Exploring Mars, a little further, we look to the position of Mars in the 12th house.  12th house planets tend to have little or no boundaries!  What does this signify for Mars in this location?   It is withdrawing, a lack of boundaries, fog or illusions and secrets.   Mars has been associated with the EGO.   It might have grand (Leo) illusions of importance all the while not being very confident.  Mars in the 12th house, can plunge someone into a state of depression and go to the other extreme and bring up anger that comes like a squall on the ocean. When Mars does the dance, there are no limits!

How can we observe these traits in Donald Trump’s chart?  We can see it in the words he has used and what has been reported about him.  We know he was “unruly” as a young boy and went to military school.  We also know, he loves a good fight and will hit harder than the other person.  We know he has used words to strike out when he when he is not pleased with what is being said. 

It can manifest as the “blame game”.  The Lord of this 12th  house is none other than the Planet Neptune.  Depending upon whether someone takes the high road or not, this energy will show itself as either taking responsibility or blaming someone else.   We have all heard those people who say, “he or she made me do it”! 

In the same way there are no boundaries with expressing anger, there may also be to no limits to being melancholy!   Loneliness can arise from out of nowhere and at any moment, leaving a person bewildered as well as feeling helpless.   One thing is for sure, this house is the area of secrets and hidden agendas!

In Donald Trump’s chart, the area ruled by Mars and therefore influence that particular area of his life is the 9th house.  This house belongs to Sagittarius, the judge, the orator, the teacher, the traveler and the story-teller and last but not least, that part of us “larger than life”.

Throughout Trump’s chart, we see repeating themes emerge; two in particular, no boundaries and exaggeration.   So who is he really?  We will explore more of Donald Trump next time.