Betty Mckeon

Just as there are cycles in nature, there are cycles in each of our lives. Astrology is a unique tool that can optimize our individual experiences and reactions to life's ups and downs. Betty McKeon studied under renowned astrologers Jeff Jawer and David Railey and has been providing private astrological consultations for nearly 35 year. 

Readings with Betty offer unique insight into our personal journeys. With a keen perspective, compassion and empathy, Betty can help you understand and appreciate your current place in life and arm you with the perspective you need to enter life's next chapter with gentleness and ease. 

I have been having my chart read by Betty twice a year for the last couple of years. Betty’s gentle and precise readings come with an element of care and intuition. She is always right on target and has a sweet delivery and demeanor. I always feel like I’m on the path of continued self-inquiry. I look forward to my next reading.
— Karen Gastiaburo