Hello Everyone and Blessings!

Have you ever wondered about the chart of a Nation?  Did you know a Nation has an astrological chart the same way a person does?   At it's birth, an astrological chart is set up describing the energy and rhythms of that nation.  It is the same when breath is breathed into a new baby and his or her life cycles begin.

On July 4, 1776 according to an eye witness of the signing of the Declaration of Independence that was published in 1787 called the "Sibly Chart", the United States of America, took its first breath at 4:50 pm LMT in Phlidelphia, Pennsylvania!  

According to this chart, we as a nation, have Sagittarius rising, which represents the physical expression of this country. (Large, with a mixture of foreign people and varied religious beliefs)

Our Sun sign is in Cancer which is nurturing, self-protective fiercely loyal to itself and is ruled by the Moon.  In fact, we have 5 energies expressed in Cancer and ruled by the moon. This colors how the will of the nation is expressed.  

The moon of the USA is in the sign of Aquarius!   I love this sign.  Half of it is very traditional and the other half very progressive!  Aquarius doesn't seem to fit in any category specifically.  Aquarius cannot be described by one place or one way of doing things. “This is the only way” would never work for Aquarius.  The key here is to recognize diversity and embrace it.  Our nation is great because of this.  This country has a little bit of everything right here!  Amazing! 

So what kinds of things are happening to our beloved United States of America?

The Progressed rising sign or Ascendant will be moving into the sign of Virgo as of March 7, 2017 and will be there for the next 28 to 30 years!  This sign in its greatest expression, is service, discernment and refinement.

.  Saint Mother Teresa was a perfect example of the Virgo energy in action, as she had 6 planets or energies in that sign!  This change is for the next 28 to 30 years!  Virgo can also express itself through worry,  being critical and fearful!  However when discernment is used only the greatest expression of Virgo manifests!

Getting back to the chart.  Along with the Progressed Ascendant,  3 other major areas will also be changing.  The first is the foundation of this nation, the progressed ascendant changing  into Sagittarius making our belief system the core of who we are for the next 30 years.  Astrologically this is a turning point in our country history and we are part of that history!

The second is in the area of "partners"; we now have Pisces (mysterious, hidden,) energy. The third area of change is how the world sees us. This is now through the lens of Gemini. (master of jack of all trades). 

Some things can appear to be unclear until January 8th as the 19th of November approaches, we might have a sense of confusion and hopelessness as Neptune changes direction.

 Neptune,  can be expressed as moving from the dark into the light.  This could take the form of recognizing we are not victims and through self-effort and Grace everything is possible!  It is a time to hold on to what we know is true about the people of this country, that we are one nation under God, indivisible and we seek justice for all!  

We, as a nation, will always have the power to be like a snake shedding its skin and  reborn over and again!  This the our greatness, we the people are guiding this country and say what changes we desire and what we do not want.  One thing is for sure, when 30 year shifts take place, it is a time of renewal, a time to own the power of this country. It is no longer a time for complacency!  

I will be adding more information about this Great Country of ours.  In the meantime,