Chart of the United States of America


United States of America

Part 2

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a weekend with the swearing in of a new president and the Women’s March.   For sure, the world has been watching both events.


In the astrological chart of the United States of America, we see many planets on the right side of the chart.  This is an indication that we, as a country, reach out and offer even we are not asked to do so!

In fact, with four planets in the house of the negotiator, we are a genius at it!  In fact, we are very aware of imbalances all the time.   These four energies are all in the 7th house of others and the house of peace and war and of course beauty.

Let’s explore these fine expressions of energy.

First on the list is Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.   Remember the Moon in the chart of the United States is partially ruled by Uranus, the sign and planet of altruism.  Uranus is the sign of friendship and we are the friend to many countries.

The next planet we see is Mars.  Yes, you guessed it, Mars represents aggression and war or at the very highest expression, courage.  Mars in this house is very appealing as well.

Moving on to Venus!  Wow, this beautiful energy is powerful as it is in the house it rules!  Venus attracts Grace to itself easily.  This is even more appealing than Mars in this position!

Finally, we move on to Jupiter.  Yes, it is the largest planet in the solar system and does just that, making things larger than life, wherever it is located.  Like Venus, Jupiter attracts abundance!

So with Uranus (unexpected and freedom) in the 7th house, the country can find itself suddenly starting something and ending things quickly with countries.  This position can also make us seem detached or involved from a distance.  The one thing others see, however, is FREEDOM!

Mars in this house and being in the sign Gemini can make us dualist or playing both sides in our ability to be the middle man (or middle country).  We see this role for instance in the Middle East bringing countries to the negotiating table. Mars in this position can also intervening with war as well as peace.

So now we have Venus and Jupiter both in the sign of Cancer and the ruler is none other than the Moon in Aquarius.   When these two planets come together, all we see is ABUNDANCE, GENEROSITY.   It is like a neon sign, saying come!

Oh, Yes, let me see

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

I believe the Founding Fathers, certainly must have had some kind of Divine intervention to have signed the Declaration of Independence on the day and time that it was and Life was breathed into this country.

Just a peak at some energy influences around the corner for our great Nation.  Beginning on January 26th through March 17th watch for very quick and unexpected changes taking place; this is particularly true on the evening of the 31st through the early morning of February 2nd.

On January 31st through February 26, our country will be in a phase of reaping what we have sown for the last 7 years.  Grace will come where we made effort and we can also be shown, the areas we now need to make effort.

Bottom line we, the people ARE the United States of America!

Until next time,