Oh July! Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and What Else????

Hello everyone and welcome to July!

Where to start?  First let me list what changes are taking place this month and then the explanation!

Jupiter going direct on the 10th

2 eclipses (12th and 27th)

Mercury Retrograde July 27th

Each one of these astrological formations can have significant outcomes.  Let’s take Jupiter to begin with.  Jupiter is beneficial, larger than life in many ways.  It is benevolent and carries no malice of its self, however, when Jupiter touches any energy (planet), it can only exaggerate what is already there.  An example of this would be if Jupiter touches Mars in a person’s chart and who is angry, the anger can get magnified.   When a planet changes direction, those days leading up to that date, we can feel pressured.  That is when a planet goes "direct or retrograde" which is the apparent motion in relationship to the speed of a planet and the speed of planet Earth.

Eclipses tend to express ENDINGS under different circumstances.  We have a Solar (new moon) on the 12th and a Lunar (full moon) on the 27th.   Each pair of eclipses carries with them their own astrological arrangements.  The rule of thumb is an event taking place in a person’s life, if their astrological birth chart is being activated by the eclipse, is two weeks before and two weeks after the event; giving us a 6 week interval of time of influence.

This particular pair of eclipse will be dealing with unhappy news about relationships and friendships. Unexpected events as well can occur, however, even if things look gloomy, the results will ultimately be positive.  

Finally, let’s talk about Mercury retrograde.  Talk is definitely a key word for Mercury!  Communications, communications, communications are the concerns when Mercury retrogrades.  Mercury governs cell phones, decisions, plane trips, cars, etc.  The retrograde motion seems to cause turmoil for most people.  There are exceptions to this rule and which is a person who has Mercury retrograde in the Astrological chart. 

Mercury retrograde is going back over and revisiting choices previously made, from July 10th on until July 27th.  It is a time, after Mercury retrogrades, to be guarded with driving, purchases, contracts, unless of course, Mercury is retrograde in your chart. 

It is a year of great change and challenges!  Alas, August will also carry its fluctuations.  Most importantly, we have the opportunity to keep on moving, changing and evolving!