Half way through this month, I have decided to write a blog about what has been going on and what is coming up for us!

 In astrological terms, we have Mercury retrograde, Uranus now retrograde, Mars continues to be retrograde, Saturn retrograde, Neptune retrograde and yes, but no way least, Pluto retrograde!

My goodness!  Retrograde is an apparent motion of moving backwards regarding the speed of a planet in relationship to the Earth.  The best analogy is two trains passing one another and one appears to be moving in the opposite direction.  Retrograde also means retiring or retreating.

Along with another eclipse on August the 11th, this month has been challenging in many areas of our lives as a whole and in our personal lives, depending upon what energy is being activated in a person’s natal chart.

Old patterns, memories, unfinished business has been up front and in our face so to speak.  With Mercury retrograde it is truly a time for exploring options, gathering information, trial and error to find solutions.  For most people, after Mercury goes direct, making a more lasting decision will be more beneficial.  Mercury will go direct on August 19th.

This month we will see some changes with Mercury and Mars going direct.  These two planets will be a time of moving forward with our decisions and the feeling of stagnation will be lifted. 

If you begin to notice people or yourself becoming impatience, annoyed, or plain old angry, you can be sure Mars, the planet of war and courage will be moving into a direct movement.  As the end of August approaches, this can be more and more evident.


The best part of August, however, comes with the planet or energy of Venus, blessing us, in one or two areas of our lives, depending on a natal chart.   This occurrence happens once every 18 months for a period of 4 to 5 months.    Here is where boons can take place with little or no effort!  Smooth sailing and minimizing troubles in other regions of our lives.  Thank you Venus!

Finally, all these fluctuations will guide us into the month of September, where yes, more adjusts will be on their way!

Many blessings to us all!


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