April, April, April! New, Old and Balance!

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring!

Well, we survived the Mercury retrograde in March and here we are in April 2019 with Passover and Easter approaching next week.  Happy Passover and Happy Easter to everyone!

The spring holidays have the air of new beginnings while it is also the time to let go of old outdated patterns in our lives.  It is the time of the year to clean out the clutter to make room to welcome new changes!

Are they really coming?  Oh, yes! April 20th marks the time of year when the Sun will move into the sign of Taurus. Love is in the air, flowers bloom and everyone takes a deep breath enjoying the sweet Sun shining on our faces. This year Uranus (sudden and unexpected changes, new beginnings and opportunities) will be making its mark in our lives through the 24th of April.  Hang on and be flexible is the message during these days.

As April 24 approaches, a completely different energy appears with Pluto entering the stage.  We can experience the urge to clean out, discard the old worn out things no longer holding purpose in our lives.   This is when we can see the effects of Pluto (renewing, replenishing, power plays) showing us his muscle and encouraging us to let go of those patterns which no longer serve us. Pluto tends to surface hidden things, exposing them to the light.  No more hiding, end self-defeating habitual patterns that lead nowhere.  Pluto says “you have been treading quicksand for so long, now just let go!”

Are we finished yet?  No, not yet!  Bear with me, please.

April 25th through the 28th, Mars (assertiveness, aggression, courage, action) will be touching off the planet Neptune (illusions, fog, meditation and prayer).  Like all things in Astrology, the energies can be used in a way that is not so useful or in an uplifting way. 

When these two energies meet, the actions (Mars) may expose any kind of deception (Neptune) that has been under the radar.  There are no boundaries with Neptune and coupled with Mars, it can mean no limits with anger expressing itself!

The next day however, Saturn (restrictions, reaping and sowing) will be changing directions as it goes retrograde.  Saturn tends to exert pressure as it is approaching the turn. Saturn is the task master and can definitely weed out any unnecessary patterns, people and things, in our lives.  A debt will have been paid and the karma is balanced.  The opposite can also occur with making commitments as well.

April is quite a changeable month. Great month to put our dancing shoes on and go for it!


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