Late Welcome to May! Sweet Taurus!

Hello Everyone and a late welcome to the month of May! 


What I thought would be a mild, uneventful month, has turned out to be one of shocking changes! 

So, I decided to go a little deeper into the new beginnings with Uranus (the unexpected and quick changes) going into the sign of Taurus for the first time in 84 years! 

Admittingly, we did have a six month “preview” in 2018 from May until November that help to prepare us for the new changes.    

First let’s take a look at the Taurus energy and what that represents in all of our lives.   

 Taurus is Mother Nature herself, it is self-worth, it represents the arts of all kind, money and our values.  The Bull of the zodiac is a strong but gentle energy that symbolizes what we desire (quality rather than quantity) and look for in people. Love and how we express it comes under this domain. In its finest expression, Taurus is devotion, loyalty, gratitude, gentleness with strength and true tenacity.    

On the other hand, these other qualities can also manifest:  ownership, selfishness, “bull in a china shop” and stubbornness (which I call “tenacity without wisdom”), the tendency to be over indulgent or gaudy. 

Being a Taurus myself, I am familiar with all these qualities and they have displayed themselves at one time or another over the years.   

 When Uranus resides in this sign (which it will for the next seven years), it allows Taurus shows us the areas of life which need to evolve.  Uranus is quick, disruptive, unanticipated, short-lived and transient (think earthquakes or tornadoes).  

 It brings the new ways of expressing, you guessed it, the qualities of Taurus! 

Old, outdated circumstances which have lost their usefulness will demand change. 

Certainly, Uranus does leave a changed life in its wake.  This is where society, as a whole, will be asked to be flexible where we have been rigid and firm where we have been too flexible.  Uranus flips people and situations around!  It moves in a different rotation than the other planets and shows us what has been just under the surface.  The seemly abrupt wave of change has been in the works for some time. Uranus says, “I am coming”!  The hints are given!  Some pay attention and some do not.   


We can see changes with money and Wall Street in the next seven years.  Cryptocurrency is a great example of Uranus’ energy existing just under the surface of the normal ways of thinking and understanding money.  

We may very well experience and witness turmoil in our lives.  Bizarre or unusual situations that change from one moment to the next. Our thoughts can jump around from one thing to the next.  Stay flexible is the best advice one can give! 


On a personal level, where Taurus resides in a person’s Astrological birth chart, is where Uranus has come to stay for a 7 year visit!  


What good comes out of it?  Uranus breathes in new and fresh ways of expressing life!  An excitement and great opportunities come to!  Expanding our vision of what is possible!  Time to have new dreams and to make them happen. 


Blessings to everyone until next time!