Charts of the United States of America

Welcome Everyone!  

With all the changes taking place in our country in 2017, I thought it might be great to write a series about the chart of the United States of America.  The country is subject to transits (continual influences) in the same way we are. 

The USA has the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius and Sagittarius rising.  These are called the 3 lights of a chart. The Sun (heart of the country) is located in Scorpio's house which indicates the energy of the USA is steeped in power!  The Moon (the humanity of the country) is located in Gemini's house which means it is in Aquarius. It is given the ability to be flexible and more versatile than it would otherwise be expressed.  

The rising sign is in Sagittarius and that is all about seeing itself as larger than life.  

The Sun in Cancer is about self-protection. The Moon in Aquarius suggests this country doesn't fit anywhere and yet, fits everywhere.  Aquarius has the duty of taking care of others.  Sagittarius, along with being the "teacher", is also about foreign people and cultures!  Religious freedom! Not only is Sagittarius is about religious freedom, Aquarius is also about freedom and being ahead of its time!  This sign represents being very progressive.  

The Sun, being in the sign of Cancer, means it is ruled by the Moon of the chart. Yes, you guessed it, this is about freedom!  

The movement of planets and the energies are reflected in the expression of the astrological chart.  In November, the rising sign of the USA went into Virgo for the next 30 years.  Sagittarius will always hold true, however, now there is new energy influencing the Sagittarius energy.  In its greatest expression, Virgo is about discernment. When Virgo is not shining the greatest way, it can take the form of worry and fear.  New beginnings require new foundations and the best is discernment.  Virgo knows how to serve others.  It is crafts and refining any kind of talents.  

The next layer is the transits and what is being reflected right now.  Since January 1, 2017 and until January 19, 2017, is a time when "secret enemies" will be revealed. 

Of course the greatest "secret enemy" is the underlying belief system.  In other words, it is a time to see anything that has been undermining our standing in the world.  Saturn is karma and right now, it is activating Neptune which means it is time to see reality.   Here we have glimpse things to come during the summertime when these two energies come together once more.  What is it good for?  It is great to see the overall collective thinking and what aspects of it need to change.   

From the 17th of January until February 7th, the United States will be asked to evolve and we can see just how much discernment that we, as a county, have.  Finally, Uranus will be changing and releasing some very old patterns from the Founding Fathers!  January 26 until March 7th is time for flexibility and sudden changes. Sometimes it is an experimental time; it's like an earthquake and things look differently in the aftermath.  New ideas!  Ahhhhh!

I would love to hear from you  if you have questions or comments.  

Blessings, Betty