Welcome to 2017!  I wish us all benevolent blessings in the new year!

Where do we start on this January 3, 2017?   Like Alice, let’s “Begin at the beginning”!  

January begins with a changes in directions.

First Mercury will go direct this month (communications and decisions). We have Venus retrograding in March! (Love and money, stock market). Then Jupiter will be retrograding in the month of February. (money can tighten up).  April will be a VERY INTERESTING MONTH as four planets will be changing directions!  Mercury, Venus, Saturn (cause and effect) and Pluto (power and power plays) all will be stirring the pot!

Right now we are having "preview of coming attractions” with changes that will take place this Summer and we will top it off with a Solar Eclipse effecting the United States in August! What do eclipses do?  The theory is whatever country is able to see the Eclipse, this country will be in the limelight for up to 6 months.  Eclipses are usually about endings in some form.

Such an interesting year ahead!  Every 18 months money patterns change when Venus retrogrades.  Venus also gives benevolent blessings in one or two areas of a person's life when it retrogrades, depending upon where if falls in his or her natal astrological chart.  It also changes patterns in the stock market which we will see at the end of Winter.

When looking at the chart of the United States of America, it looks like there can be significant changes for the 1st time in 30 years.  From now until the 19th of January, "secret enemies" of the USA are being revealed.  It can also be a time when we, as a country, can be our own worst enemy.  It is a turning point when things that have been hidden coming to light.  This energy will return two more times before the year is out!   Watching the news is a great way to see Astrology expressing itself!

I welcome any comments or questions you might have!   Blessings for the new year!  May it be filled with love, joy and peace!