Forecasting for Donald Trump!

Forecasting is an essential part of assessing an astrological chart and in some ways similar to a weather report (we know to prepare for a storm if we know when it’s coming).  Astrology forecasting is based on cycles and is a major part of Astrology.

Most people have heard of the 7-year cycle; it is based on Saturn, which is reaping what we have sown.  There is also a 21-year cycle represented by the planet Uranus.  And a few people might have heard of the 8-year cycle which influences love and money.  We can observe these sequences in people who are in the public eye.  There is no one at this time in the public eye more than Donald Trump.  So let’s explore his personal “weather report” for the near future.

We do not have to look very hard, April 18, 2017, Trump began a new 21-year cycle with the energy Uranus.  Here the impact of sudden, erratic, restlessness within him, coupled with unexpected turn of events will be playing a big role in his life.  In the area of love and in his leadership, we can observe changes which will seem to be coming from “out of the blue”.  However, many times these surprising changes have already been in the works.  To the outsider, these changes will seem startling. The last time this particular cycle appeared in Donald’s chart was 21-years ago when divorced his second wife!  Frequently, this aspect between Uranus and Venus (love) can indicate a significant change in a marriage.  Uranus is the ruler of earthquakes and like an earthquake, in just one moment everything can be altered in a person’s life!

Natural cycles with great impact, usually take place over a period of time.  One step forward and then one step back is the dance of the Uranus transit, the Mother of all Cycles and of Mother Nature herself.  We will have the opportunity to observe the powerful dance on and off during the year ahead.  The first part began on April 18 and will continue until May 26.

Starting on April 21 is a Mars transit which will continue for 45 days in Donald’s chart.  Mars will be moving into his house of leadership and the public eye.  Mars is the planet of war and aggression. Mars says “let go” and runs where to angels fear to tread.  Mars moving into this area, gives us the opportunity to any obstacles restraining his decisions and pushing through them.

There could indeed be a vast change for Donald Trump approaching as April 26, he begins a 30 year shift internally within himself in the four major areas of his life (physical body, home, partnerships, and career).

Two other influences take place in the next few weeks.  The first one begins on May 9, 2017, as his Progressed Moon moves into his 12th house. For two and a half years, the area of secrets and the unconscious mind will be a focus point.  It is a house of withdrawing.

The other is going to tone down things with love and money and career, a kind of reaping what he has sown beginning May 12 through June the 12th.  This Saturn transit will push Donald Trump down a new path and break up patterns in the area of his leadership.

Enough for now lest our heads spin out of control!  We will explore more upcoming events in the future as, well.

When Trump changes, we are all affected by them!