Since Pluto will be retrograding on April 20th, it seems fitting to explore Pluto in Donald Trump's Chart.

In Astrology, the planet Pluto represents our ancestral karma or to put it in more practical terms, it represents what is in our DNA.  In all spiritual traditions, there is debt to pay for the ancestors (also known as the sins of the fathers being passed down up to seven generations)!

Pluto also represents aspects of the manipulative side of ourselves and where and how we manipulate ourselves and others.  Pluto energy is hidden power and represents “guerilla” warfare, giving us the ability to smile while twisting the knife.

Pluto is not all bad since it helps us to transform and represents passion. In its highest and most evolved expression, we can see Pluto as the evolutionary part of ourselves.  As with all of Astrology, the expression of any energy can be positive or negative depending on how conscious we are of the most Divine parts of ourselves.


In our continued astrological analysis of Donald Trump’s chart, we find the dark, hidden energy tucked away in his 12th house.  The 12th house rules the unconscious mind, dreams, connecting to the collective unconscious.  It represents a part of ourselves we don’t normally give attention or notice.  The 12th house has no boundaries and is like trying to see through thick fog. 


One has to be careful of playing the victim with energy in this house which we can see in Donald Trump and his tendency to play the victim as a way of manipulating (nothing is ever his fault!)   With Pluto in this position, he may also have an obsession with secrets and no boundaries with it.  The lack of boundaries can show up with either playing the martyr or keeping secrets or both!


  Pluto is all about control issues when a person is not confident.  Micro –managing is one way the control issues can manifest.  Remember the position of Pluto makes these tendencies hidden to the person who has them.  To everyone else, it is simply obvious.  Think of it this way, when we are driving into the Sun, it is difficult to see what is right in front of us while the other cars coming toward us sees what is in the road clearly.   It is a difficult position since the patterns of Pluto are inherited or at the very least “unfinished business”. 

Since Pluto is in Leo in his chart, we once again have to go back to his Sun Sign in Gemini.

Gemini is versatile, mimics well, the person knows a little about a lot of things, bores easily and is curious.

   Most of all this is the house of dreams!  Many times, people with this placement, have horrific dreams and end up not sleeping well.   So it is not surprising Trump’s sleeping habits are what they are.

Just by watching the news we can see Trump’s chart fulfill itself.


In the next blog we explore upcoming events in Donald Trump’s Chart.