Neptune, Mercury and Eclipses on their way!

Oh yes, they are!   Let’s talk about Neptune first. This Friday, June 21st the planet of illusion and deception will be making a turn in direction to the Earth (this is called retrograde)! Like any planet changing direction, intensity fills the atmosphere for all of us and Neptune is no exception.

The difference with Neptune is how very nebulous this energy is.   It is like a chameleon, with the ability to change and become anything for the moment.  It can be the mirage on the desert, giving hope of quenching the thirst of parched situations.  It is deceptive in one expression and spiritual enlightenment in the other. Neptune’s energy can give a feeling of hopelessness; making things appear to be worse than they are.  Some secrets get exposed when Neptune changes direction and while other become concealed.  

The days leading up to June 21st, these expressions of Neptune can be seen in the news and in the stock market along with fanatics showing up in the most unforeseen places.

In a person’s Astrological chart, if Neptune is touching off a planet or energy in the chart, that person may very well undergo some sense of confusion or may be deceived during the retrograde period.  Likewise, the opportunity exists to meditate and pray to hold on to what a person knows as true.  This is the time to merge with a deeper connection and the Divinity within ourselves.

Turning to Mercury now, the “shadow time” of Mercury is upon us.   Shadow time is actually “preview time” of the approaching Mercury retrograde on July 7th.    In other words, we can be in the midst of decisions and situations that we will reassess after Mercury retrogrades.  It is a time to take notice and understand that we can revise our choices in the month of July.  The retrograde time of Mercury can surface hidden challenges.   It is a great time for studying, window shopping or gathering information for most people.  For those few born at a time when Mercury was retrograde, this period of time is beneficial.

Finally, let’s discuss the Eclipses coming in July.  July 2nd is the Solar Eclipse (new moon) and July 16 is the Lunar (full moon).   Each eclipse set carries with it their own Astrological energy.  When an eclipse is active in a person’s chart, there is usually some sort of ending.  We may hear of news involving younger people that can be the cause of worry and concern. We can be a witness to obsessive behavior should our own personal chart is active by the eclipse.   Two weeks before and two weeks after an eclipse, an event can take place bringing in a change or ending.   It is a good time to utilize this energy to with planned activities without going overboard.  The Eclipses will take place in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn during the time of Mercury retrograde.

This time in June is a time for planning and preparing to dance with the stars!

Blessings to Everyone!


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