Happy New Year 2019 to the United States of America!

Happy New Year 2019!

I would like to wish everyone a benevolent new year!  One thing we can count on this year, from an astrological perspective, is one of less volatility! 

What awaits us in this New Year?

I would like to begin the year 2019 with looking at the chart of the United States of America and what we can expect and observe!

In the first part of the year, the USA is going through Saturn transits.  Saturn is reaping what we have sown as a country.  This began January 8th and continues through February 8th. 

So let me share how this can manifest.  Saturn is opposing the sun sign of this republic.  Saturn comes around when things are off balance and slows everything down to take a long hard look at what needs to change to bring back stability. 

So what do we, the people and the nation, need to balance?  The actual will (energy) and intent of the country needs to be brought into a sense of balance. 

We are reaping patterns and intentions for the last 15 years.  What direction have we been going? The first quarter is the time to define what it is we desire for this great land and for ourselves.

In its natal chart, the United States of America has a duty to all people.  This is the duty (Saturn) reflected at the time of its birth.  Obligations in any Astrological chart, do not cease, it just evolves hopefully to become greater in time. 

The Sun sign of the chart falls in the house of “other people’s money”.  In this case, it is other countries.

All this right now is giving us “previews” of things yet to come in 2019.  The Saturn energy (karma) comes again for a much longer period of time at the end of July and will continue until November 6th.  This will be the time the balances will be levied upon us, willingly or unwillingly.  Saturn brings physical changes as it carries no judgments and simply says, “here is what you have sown and here is what you reap”. 

Remember the virtuous actions will also be reaped!

The USA does show a turning point time from June 21 through October 3, when the power and disruptive energy of Uranus comes on the scene! 

Uranus will be squaring the nodes (the life direction) of this country, which is to be a leader in this world.  We may see the changes the country has been working toward although it may come in unexpected ways and bring some surprises.  So expect the unexpected!

On August 31, the Venus energy (love, money, music and art) will be moving into a new sign for the next 30 years.  Venus moves into its own sign of Taurus!  This is a powerful position and will bring new patterns regarding all Venus rules.  

This goes along with 81 year changes starting March 5 with Uranus moving into the Earth sign of Taurus as well.  Last May through November 6, we saw a glimpse of some of the differences which will manifest. 

New Earth was certainly being formed in Hawaii, along with the “Me too” movement, which is fitting since Taurus is also about appreciation and self-worth.  Taurus brings about quality not quantity.

Lastly, the USA, has two 30-year shifts coming; the first June 1 with Solar Arc Jupiter moving into the 1st house of the United States.  This can change our relations with other countries and our goodwill toward people.

The other shift takes place October 13 with the Solar Arc Nodes (life direction) moving into the house of children.  Hopefully this will keep our attention and focus with the children and their well-being.

The Astrological Chart of the United States is manifested through its citizens.  The collective energy will be apparent with how we respond individually to the changes and how much we nourish the positive expression of the “Stars”.

Bless the people of the United States of America!