2018....Ending! Out with the Old and in with the New!

As 2018 comes to an end, we can look toward the future cycles through the medium of Astrology.

   2018 has been riddled with ups and downs and many changes throughout the year.   As the sea of life has calmed, it is time to look around and take stock of all that has taken place. 

One of the most powerful glimpses of the future was given to us from May 15 until November 6th.  Uranus (sudden changes, earthquakes, new beginnings and opportunities) moved in and out of the sign of Taurus (money, music, the arts, gratitude and self-worth). We saw changes in Hawaii with the volcanos and new earth being formed, the stock market going to extremes, the “me too” movement and many other things.

Uranus was ending a cycle born in 1935.  For now, we are finishing up that cycle and will enter into this new 81-year cycle regarding Taurus ruled energy on March 6, 2019 for the next 7 years.

 Uranus comes in and says” out with the old and in with the new”!  It is a time of trial and error so we may easily see quick changes when something isn’t working.  Uranus gives us the appearance of being sudden and unexpected when in actuality it has been in the works behind the scenes for some time.  It can seem different and strange while we adjust to the new ways.  It is always a good idea to observe the hints life gives to us prior to those changes.  An example is to observe the patterns going on in the stock market. (money)

So how does all this affect the individual person?  Over the next 7 years, each one of us will encounter an area of our lives that is ruled by Taurus energy, where we can find a phase of our life transformed.  Prior to these transformations, we can find ourselves bored, tired or restless for something new and different to begin.  Those who can adapt to the changes will experience a renewal of life and those who stand as a mighty oak may find themselves broken.  It is a time to be flexible where one has been rigid or where a person has been too malleable; it is a time to hold their ground.

  As daunting as this may seem, rest assured it is a time of breathing in new youthful, life energy; a time of discovery, excitement and opportunity!

There are many areas of their lives where people may feel this shift in life depending on their natal chart. As 2019 progresses, the people born from the 18th of any month through the 26 th, will be the ones feeling the pressure of Uranus’ mighty energy changing their identity, will and intention. 

 As we bid farewell to 2018, I wish many benevolent blessings to all of us in 2019!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!