Uranus the Game Changer


Uranus will be changing directions at the end of the month.  So, how will we be effected?

First of all, we have to understand how this planet’s energy works in our lives.  Uranus is the least predictable planet in the Zodiac.  Uranus is one of two rulers of the sign Aquarius (the other ruler being Saturn, which we will explore another time).  The areas we find this energy in our natal astrological charts is where we are most unique.  Aquarius energy is different, unique, concerned with social injustices and most of all FREEDOM.  People with strong Aquarius energy often feel like they don’t fit in with the group (but ultimately realize they fit everywhere).  As with all Astrological Charts, Aquarius in included in each and everyone's chart.

Uranus (Aquarius) creates “the rebel without a cause”.  The thought of being like everyone else doesn’t work for this energy but standing out and being uniquely different among our fellow human beings is like eating sweet honey!  Changes during a Uranus transit can happen at the speed of lightening but can also bring new opportunities.  

How does one prepare for such changes?  It’s a little like dancing; you must be on the balls of the feet ready to go in any direction.  Uranus frees us from old, outdated patterns and challenges us to experiment and try new ways.  Sometimes, Uranus brings a temporary change while at other times, it becomes permanent.  

Chaos is a word often associated with Uranus.  To bring order to chaos, Uranus energy can make us feel detached. This allows us let go and make room for the new changes entering into our lives.

Rumblings and hints of change begin to reveal themselves in our lives. Itcan be like an earthquake; we know it’s coming but we don’t know where or when.  We are given glimpse of things to come. You might feel restless or bored just before something new is enters the arena.  We can feel like we are dancing as fast as we can and something has to give!  And it does!  This is a time when nothing feels familiar and we are taken out of our comfort zone.  If you like change, this is a fantastic, exciting time.  If not, hang onto your hat!  If you are not so flexible, you might be afterwards.

Be ready to move in any direction, at any moment and be open to the new opportunities Uranus brings! Receive the extraordinary blessings this powerful planet can bring!

Have a NEW YEAR!