Donald Trump and His Communications



Hello Everyone,  it is time to analyze Donald Trump's Communication.  What a perfect time while he is on tour.

There are a couple of things about communications through the eyes of astrology that might be helpful to know before we look into Donald’s chart again.

Mercury was the great communicator in Roman mythology and would move lighting fast.  He was the conveyer of messages from the gods to the mortals.  These days Mercury is still the communicator through networking and such things as  It is the ruler for the sign of Gemini. (Donald’s Sun Sign)  Mercury also represents the quick sliver tongued devil in its darker expression.  Mercury describes our arms, legs and hands. And oh, yes one last thing to remember about Mercury, is represents our breathing.  Pretty important planet since we cannot live long without it.

Interpreting astrology, there is a layering of qualities to get a more accurate picture.  In Donald’s chart as an example, his Mercury is in the sign of Cancer.  (Remember he is a Gemini Sun Sign)  Here with Mercury in a different sign from what he actually is, we know, he doesn’t communicate the way he truly is.   

With Mercury in Cancer, we then have to look at his Moon sign since that is the next layer to his communicates.  Where is it?  Why Sagittarius of course.  So he speaks in a way in what some would say, “foot in mouth disease”.    Since the moon represents our emotional expression and Cancer, can be self-protected, we can see he can be emotional when he speaks and constantly expressing his words in a defensive manner.

One more layer which is the house position Donald’s Mercury resides.  It just so happens the 11 house in the zodiac is home to his communicative energy.  This area belongs to the planetary energy of Uranus.  Here is can represent being brilliant no doubt.  Mercury seems to work in a way unique and unusual as it stands out in a crowd.  A crowd?  Yes this is the house of the audience and Mercury in this position would love to talk in a room full of people.

Mercury in this house position would in some ways explain how the size of Donald’s mouth and hands would be tiny rather than large as we would expect with it being in the sign of Sagittarius. (larger than normal).  The exaggerator in any case!  We all have this somewhere in our charts!

Here is where the layering in astrology becomes a map revealing even more about people.  Mercury is the ruler of Donald’s Sun Sign.  So we can assume with Mercury ruled by his moon, in the sign of Sagittarius and residing in the house of the audience, Donald’s way of communicating is unique.   Words like large, great, huge, believe me, backed by an emotional intent and shining as it were among the crowd, it feeds his Sun sign which of course is where he goes to get re-energized.    The question arises, do we believe his words for the sake of believing or do we use our quality of discernment to determine is Donald saying things for the audience of simply because he is replenishing himself when he is just worn out!  Each person must decide for their own self.

Next blog will be exploring Trump’s Venus!   LOVE AND MONEY!