Love and Money, What's up for Donald Trump!



When we hear the name “Donald Trump,” what do we think of?  Money! 

In Astrological terms money is represented by the planet Venus!  Oh, yes, in the astrological world as well, money and love are ruled by the same mystical planet .  How we look at money and interact with money is an exact reflection of how we express love or not!  Some people are too afraid to let go and are very thrifty hence, there is no openness for love.  Frequently with this type of person, we find they can be afraid of love or even a bit stingy when sharing their heart with another.  Then you there is the type who is an open book with their hearts and equally, money flows right through their fingers.  Hopefully a middle ground can be found. 

Venus reveals our desire nature and our sense of style.

In astrology this Goddess energy is also a notable 8 year cycle with love and money.   Ages 8, 16, 24, 32….etc. love and money shifts for people.

So getting back to donald’s chart, we can discern many things about love and money in his life.

In the last, segment, we talked about his communications being in the 11 house, representing unique and unusual ways of expressing energy.     You guessed it, his money also resides in this house.

Unusual and unique might be an understatement.  His Venus is in the sign of Cancer (moon) and is joined by Saturn (Karmic lessons of reaping what one has sown) also in the sign of Cancer. 

The sign of Cancer is influenced by the Moon (Mother) in a chart is where he can be self-protected.  “Let me make sure I am happy first then I think about helping others”, can be the motto of the Cancer energy.  One thing to keep in mind, we all have this energy somewhere within us.  How anyone expresses Cancer energy depends upon the sign the moon is in.

In donald’s case, the moon is in Sagittarius.  I would have say, his mother had a great influence on his prospective when it comes to love and money.   

Donald’s greatest lesson in life has to do with both love and money.  With the Sagittarius Moon, for sure he loves foreign women as this sign represents people of other cultures and lands.  We have seen this with his mother being from Scotland and two wives from another country. 

Sagittarius is also noted for being generous but let’s explore the house position his Venus is located in once again.  Saturn is the energy that hopefully comes to help balance us in some way.  Normally this Saturn and Venus coming together would restrict money and love, it is after all in the 11 house making things different and most of the time opposite of what we might expect.  So generosity of Sagittarius could be also be restricted.

  Nevertheless, the life lessons must come one way or another.  With this configuration, Donald never feels loved.  He can have people who love him however the moment adoration is not shown, he is just not quite sure.  It seems he expresses desire in a way of a constant need idolization.   We can see this with his hunger for attention and applause which is also the 11th house in a chart.     Remember Money and Love ruled by the same energy!

To understand more fully the money aspect of donald’s money, we must explore the 2nd house in an astrological chart which has to do with money, love and self-worth including the virtue of gratitude. 

 In his chart, Donald has two influences there. One is Neptune the energy of illusions and has no boundries and the other is Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius.  Here we find both energies ruled by ….wait for it….. the planet Venus in the sign of Cancer in the 11th house.    If we follow the astrological money trail, it all leads back to Mama and her influence on how he handles money and love in his life.

Neptune here suggestions he LIKES TO CREATE AN ILLUSION about his finances, while Jupiter suggests indulgence in its darker expression of boasting as well as indulgence.    Of course, this can mean he has more than he lets on or has less than he has proclaimed. 

With astrological forecasting we can see cycles and trends coming up.   For Donald, we can see in April of this year 2017, he has the beginning of quite a change.   In fact, he will be ending and beginning a new 21 year pattern in his life.  Some of the indications can be a restlessness regarding love and money.   Since Venus rules his house of career and public standing, these sudden and unexpected changes with love and money will be out there for all to see.     This particular cycle can bring “out with the old and in with the new”.  We shall see this earthquake type cycle three different times within the next year.  Opportunity can happen quickly as well as loosing things just as rapidly.  One thing is for sure, this powerful energy does not leave a person the same.  For some people it has been manifested as a divorce aspect and for others love at first sight.  We can see the same force regarding money as well!