Welcome April and the Sweet Changes!

Welcome Spring, Welcome Home from Spring Break and Welcome to the month of April!

April Fool’s Day on Easter and Passover, definitely an interesting way to welcome the month April.

Have you notice Mercury is retrograde?  Yes, since the 22nd of March.   This curious, decision making, communitive planet has been causing us to re-evaluate events and choices we have made.  Don’t worry though Mercury goes direct on April 15th!   What does this mean from an Astrological perspective?

Whatever conclusions we have come to, we may change our minds.  Spending time gathering information or window shopping can be some of the best use of Mercury while still in retrograde.  Once Mercury goes direct, for most people, it is probably a more suitable time for final decisions.  There are exceptions to this rule, such as a person was born with Mercury retrograde in their natal astrological blueprint.

So what more can we expect in April as the weather shifts from winter to spring?   The planet Saturn will also change directions this month along with mighty Pluto.  Watch changes in the stock market as directional shifts seems to influence the energy of money!

Saturn being the task master and the energy of “reaping what we have sowed”, slows everything down to generate a balance whether we recognize the need for it or not. 

This time is a new beginning for Capricorns born December 29 through the 31st who will be reaping from the last 30 years of their lives.  Remember the word balance.   As April 17th approaches, it would not be unusual to feel the pressure Saturn can bring.

We conclude the month of April with one more change as Pluto will also go retrograde on April 22nd.  Pluto is a powerful energy of destruction and renewal.  Pluto destroys those patterns and circumstances that have out lived their purpose and either need to be discarded or redone in a new and more evolved way.   Pluto can sometimes feel like a slow death is occurring in society and in our personal lives.

Of course this would make sense since Uranus will be moving into Taurus for the first time 84 years in the month of May!   We are at the end of patterns that began in 1935.  

So as we prepare for new beginnings, it is always a good time to learn to dance with the stars.

Blessings till next time!