Hello and Welcome!

Recently my life was “put on hold” so to speak for the past 2 months as my focus in life became my family.

As I looked at my Astrological Chart, the planet, Uranus was being the most prominent energy being activated.  Uranus brings us change and quickly and most of all, circumstances unexpected!  Uranus also rules Earthquakes on this Earth and in our lives!

During such times a person must become flexible where one has been unbending and digging their heels in the areas where “anything goes”!

Regardless of the situations, even if temporary, Uranus leaves quite a wake behind.  We can be assured after Uranus leaves us, returning to once was, has vanished!

Everyone has Uranus in their Natal Astrological Chart.  Here is where we can observe the genius rooted in the heart of the person.  Uranus brings great opportunities as well.  Have you ever come to place where you find yourself bored, impatient, or perhaps looking for something exciting?  These are all the markers of Uranus on the way to visit your life for a while.  Perhaps there is the heart racing with the knowing something is about to happen.   These all the signs of Uranus coming!

It takes Uranus 84 Earth years to rotate around the Sun.  In Astrology, we break this cycle into four 21 year cycles that are quite noticeable in our personal lives.

On May 15th, Uranus will move into the sign of Taurus for the first time in 84 years!  Some of things Taurus represents is, music and the arts, money, Self-worth and Gratitude. In the next 2 months, we are ending this 84 year cycle regarding all this qualities and more!   For sure, the ME TOO MOVEMENT, is symbolic of the “self-worth” part of Taurus!

When mixed with Mars, the planet or energy of war, Uranus can become a volatile state of affairs! President John Kennedy, for instance, was born with this configuration.  

From May 13th until the 17th of May as Uranus enters into this new sign for the first time in 84 years, the planet Mars will be welcoming Uranus in a most powerful way on a globe stage.

I invite you to observe in the next two months, the completion of what was new ideas back that was considered a bit radical for the times in 1935.  I believe we are entering into a new era in many ways. 

If a personal Astrological chart is active at this time, of course, unexpected changes can certainly take place in a person’s life.  We do survive!  Every person has the opportunity to experience the suddenness of Uranus at the very least, every 21 years.

What benefits come out the rubble?  A renewal of life, evolution, freedom and certainly growth!  Uranus brings new opportunities bringing brilliant ideas and inventions and the hope of new cures for diseases!  

 One thing is for certain, we will become flexible and learn to dance with the stars; for the times, "they are a changin'!