I pull my head out of the cave, looked around and asked “Is it safe to come out yet?”.  So much has changed and yet things still appear to be somewhat the same! 

In the month of October everything started moving again after being stagnated throughout the summer.  

Lovely, and normally kind, Venus went retrograde on October 5.  Venus is about love, money, beauty and kindness; however, when it retrogrades it may act more like Mars,(aggression, anger, war, bullying and yet, courageous at times). We can see the expression of these emotions throughout October and up to the events of  recent shootings in Pennsylvania and California as well as the emotionally charged elections.

This month, the 16th of November promises a shift as Venus goes direct in the morning and things begin to move forward.  (sigh)  

Don’t get too comfortable though the evening of the 16th Mercury goes retrograde!  Unless you have Mercury retrograde either in your natal chart or in what is called a progressed chart, this is not the best time for making hard or long lasting decisions!  For you folks born with this configuration, you are finally going to be able to be heard.  It is your time to shine like the genius you are!

For the rest of us, any choices, conclusions, rulings may simply have to be adjusted and/or basically dropped. It is also not a great time for executing contracts unless they have been thoroughly and properly vetted.

Mercury rules communications of all kinds, cell phones, travel, cars, etc.  You get the picture.  People can make incorrect assumptions when reading emails or misunderstand what a person is trying to convey.  Have patience!  The most vulnerable times are the 15th, 16th and 17th.

 Be more alert than normal when driving and be prepared for delays.  

If this were not enough, we have one more event this month with Neptune going direct on the 24th . This is the planet that connects us and yet can be expressed as deception, delusion, trickery and making things seem worse than what they are.  This planet can bring in sadness as well.

In what universe could this be good?  The other side of this powerful and illusive planet is true compassion and also trusting what you know to be real.  Meditation and prayer help to see things more clearly.  

In the days leading up to Neptune going direct, it is very likely we will see the surfacing of any hidden or misleading statements, as well as any deception in the stock market or the government. 

The 23rd, 24th and 25th of November can be the most susceptible times.

Faith, love and compassion are always the virtues we can offer to this world.

Be kind and sweet to oneself.  2018 is nearly over……..!