Donald Trump, Exploring Deeper into the Man!

The Trump presidency continues to unfold with leaks here and there. One of the leaks described Donald’s ability to holler and yell at his hand-picked staff.   He needs a plumber (and I’m sure it will be the BEST plumber, of course

Mars is the signature planet of war, anger and courage.  All of these qualities belong to the domain of Mars. Where it is located within the chart gives us insight into how a person conveys these traits.  Mars rules our sexual drive and our physical actions, clumsy, coordinated or somewhere in between.   It regulates the amount of energy we have and how we express it.

Investigating Donald Trump’s chart, we see his Mars is in Leo and in the 12th house.  What does that mean?

Leo is that part of us that says “Taa-daa! Look at me”!   It signifies our inner child along with the actor and the dramatic expression within us.   

The position of the Sun sign can also further delineate the Leo energy.  In Donald’s chart, his Sun is in Gemini (communications).  This would mean Trump can express anger (or courage) in a most dramatic way, especially with his words.  Bellowing would be a good description.  He receives attention with his words, positive and negative.

Mars in Leo loves being the hero! In this position, the high road would be fighting for those people less fortunate.  However, in a path lacking light, this might unfold as “showing off” just for the sake of attention.

Exploring Mars, a little further, we look to the position of Mars in the 12th house.  12th house planets tend to have little or no boundaries!  What does this signify for Mars in this location?   It is withdrawing, a lack of boundaries, fog or illusions and secrets.   Mars has been associated with the EGO.   It might have grand (Leo) illusions of importance all the while not being very confident.  Mars in the 12th house, can plunge someone into a state of depression and go to the other extreme and bring up anger that comes like a squall on the ocean. When Mars does the dance, there are no limits!

How can we observe these traits in Donald Trump’s chart?  We can see it in the words he has used and what has been reported about him.  We know he was “unruly” as a young boy and went to military school.  We also know, he loves a good fight and will hit harder than the other person.  We know he has used words to strike out when he when he is not pleased with what is being said. 

It can manifest as the “blame game”.  The Lord of this 12th  house is none other than the Planet Neptune.  Depending upon whether someone takes the high road or not, this energy will show itself as either taking responsibility or blaming someone else.   We have all heard those people who say, “he or she made me do it”! 

In the same way there are no boundaries with expressing anger, there may also be to no limits to being melancholy!   Loneliness can arise from out of nowhere and at any moment, leaving a person bewildered as well as feeling helpless.   One thing is for sure, this house is the area of secrets and hidden agendas!

In Donald Trump’s chart, the area ruled by Mars and therefore influence that particular area of his life is the 9th house.  This house belongs to Sagittarius, the judge, the orator, the teacher, the traveler and the story-teller and last but not least, that part of us “larger than life”.

Throughout Trump’s chart, we see repeating themes emerge; two in particular, no boundaries and exaggeration.   So who is he really?  We will explore more of Donald Trump next time.