Welcome September!  Oh, yes!

 Welcome Virgo!

 Goodbye to a lovely but changeable summer!

I feel relieved already don’t you? 

All the signs are in all Astrological Charts!  So when I hear someone say, “Oooo, I don’t like (pick a sign)”, I hear, “I don’t like those qualities of the sign in me!”

Depending on your time of birth, Virgo falls in one area of your life or the planets we came in to this world with can play out in Virgo’s house.  Either way, Virgo does have an influence on us and how we use energy and how it plays out in our individual life.

Me, I love Virgo!  It is possesses that part of us who sees detail and wants to fine tune things as we are looking for perfection all the time!

Alas, Virgo is already pretty perfect!  The weather certainly is even perfect this time of the year; cooler days and pleasant evenings.  It is the harvest time and gathering time of the year.

In its finest, the Virgonian side of us gives great feedback.  Sometimes, however, we find Virgo energy taking the form of criticism instead.  Either way, it is with the hope of becoming greater!  I have found in my own life, great feedback is far more productive!

Virgo rules the senses and yes, they are very refined.  Hearing, seeing, taste and smell all become more acute!  Many Virgos have the ability to play music by ear!  All around the senses are far more enhanced.  Examples of talents would be great photographers, singers, chefs as well as editors!

Virgo rules the assimilation system in the body.  Frequently, the Virgo energy calls for very particular foods to be eaten; otherwise we may see a variety of allergies appear!  There is an attribute of sensitivity to everything dealing with the senses.

Service and knowing how to serve are second nature to the Virgo.

Mother Teresa has 6 of her planets in Virgo.  She continues to be the example of a person serving this world with love and no nonsense.  What a great model she was!

As a boss, the Virgo will work alongside his or her employees.  Because of their abilities for detail, they have the capability to show and teach each step of the way.

Which brings me to the supreme virtue of Virgos; the quality of discernment!  In Virgo’s greatest manifestation, discernment trumps discrimination, criticism or disapproval.

Generally the Virgo energy can be shy when backed into a corner.   Yet, Virgo is that part of all us where we establish boundaries.    The word “NO” is usually told to us with style, in order to keep boundaries from being crossed.

Where would we be without these great talents?  Perfect? Oh, yes!

In fact, this is the ultimate perspective we can have by recognizing, how very naturally Virgo exists within us!


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