Happy Birthday to the United States of America!


Happy Birthday to the United States of America!

The Solar return Chart (when the Sun comes to the precise position of the natal chart), of the USA will take place on July 4, 2017 at 10:17 PM EDT.  New beginnings happen as the old expression of the previous year is completed. 

A Solar Return Chart reflects the new patterns for the upcoming year.  This year, Aquarius energy will bring a new power and new momentum!  The Moon position is Scorpio, giving women incredible power this year!  The Sun moves into Cancer, the house of children.  It is very possible the mothers will fiercely stand up, lead and defend the families in this country!

We must always go back to the natal chart as our base to see how a new year will support the evolution of our country. 

This summer, a theme emerges with the powerful influence of Saturn, the great equalizer, bringing us into balance.  We can see restrictions where we have been too lenient or easy-going and vice versa. Regardless balance is about to happen! 

Starting on June 29th and continuing until the 22nd of July, the United States can make more effort than usual.   This is a new pattern being set up for the next 12 years.  Three areas are effected.  The first is the house of money and resources, the second is area of communications and contracts, communications and lastly, the house of big business! 

Starting also, June 29th and continuing through the 8th of August, hidden enemies can easily be exposed with Saturn joining Neptune (illusions and deception). Neptune in the natal chart of the USA, is in the 10th house of leadership.

As Saturn aspects Neptune, it will now have the task of revealing these secret enemies including our own self undoing.  In other words, how our belief system, as group, has either supported this country or has worked against it, especially in the area of leadership. It is time to see reality with Congress and the Presidency.

This can be the most surprising of all!  This combination can also bring a national sadness with it.  However, we will get to see how to change things for the better as well.

Starting on the 16th of July we begin 15 years of reaping what we have sown with our partners in the world and in the area of children.  In general, this can frequently manifest as a “temper tantrum”.   Saturn the restrictor makes an opposition to Mars, the warrior! This continues until October the 2nd.   Where we have made right effort, the Grace does come home.  Where we have not made the effort…….well, you get it idea. Boundaries may and can be placed on us.

One thing is for sure, this will be a summer of “tune up”.  Like a car, maintenance has to be done in order to keep it running and we too, as a country will now have our “tune up”.    The more the people can recognize the need for balance the more we can appreciate our time of reaping what we have sown.

Happy Birthday United States of America!

Happy Birthday to all of us,  the people! 



Recently, I have been moved to once again look at the major transits (or influences) now activating the United States of America. 

To understand how forecasting works in Astrology, we have to understand a couple of things about the “Natal Chart”.   The Natal Chart is the combination of energies a person or country had at the moment of its birth.  Everything in this world is constantly changing and evolving.  The transits are the energies, represented by different planets that influence and unlock the potential existing within an astrological chart. 

As we look at the natal chart of our beloved country, we see many things happening this summer.  The biggest impact seems to be with the planetary sway of Saturn, the task master and reaping what has been sown.  Ultimately, Saturn is about balance, fine tuning, and restriction, if necessary, to bring in balance.   Whenever there is an extreme one way or the other, Saturn is there to straighten things out.  Think of Saturn as the Great Mother or Father who will not allow the child to cross a busy street until the ability of the child has the wisdom to know when and when not to cross. 

As a country, we will have the opportunity to witness what needs to happen to settle the karma of past actions. We give Congress and the President the right to be our voice, so I suspect much will be seen in how well these representatives truly embody our intent and wellbeing. 

It has already started with Saturn triggering Mercury of the chart.  Mercury is all about communication and for the United States the area under its domain is the house of leadership and public standing as well as partnership.  Saturn, says “I am here to take control and break up patterns, you know what needs to change but have not been able to do on your own.”  In other words, we are going down a path we have not been before. It is time to evolve in those areas of public standing and partnerships. 

Like all things in Astrology, there is a layering of one energy over another.  For the next year, we have a turning point with our interaction with foreign countries that act as our partners.  It is also time to define who we are, as a nation. 

At the end of June, specifically the 29th and 30th, two more areas come into play from the authority of Saturn.   First, money, partnerships and communications, are being regulated with a new beginning for the first time in 12 years.  It is a phase to make self-effort and reap what has been sown, in these areas.  This self-effort will continue until July 22nd.  Secondly, Saturn will be forming a square aspect to the planet (or energy) of Neptune. Neptune is the great pretender or illusion and playing the victim.  When Saturn comes to this position, hidden truths will be revealed.  Secret enemies will get exposed.  It is a reality check for our own self sabotage. 

Since Saturn is the energy representing “reaping what has been sown”, both good and not good, depending on past actions. Change must come and with it a blanket of sadness can cover the country though August the 8th.  This is a time to see what has been hidden, secrets and back-stabbing enemies. It is also a time to expose any hidden agendas. It can also show us what we, as a people, have been ignoring and can be a time of cleansing. Saturn allows us to bring things into balance.  This powerful energy carries no judgement, it simply says, “this is what you have sown and now is the time to reap the fruit of those actions”.  What you have done in a beneficial way will also be realized. 

So overall, it is a time to bring balance back into the country.  Take a deep breath and let us come back into equilibrium.  We, as the people of this country, are the living contribution ultimately responsible for the keeping a sense of balance.







Forecasting for Donald Trump!

Forecasting is an essential part of assessing an astrological chart and in some ways similar to a weather report (we know to prepare for a storm if we know when it’s coming).  Astrology forecasting is based on cycles and is a major part of Astrology.

Most people have heard of the 7-year cycle; it is based on Saturn, which is reaping what we have sown.  There is also a 21-year cycle represented by the planet Uranus.  And a few people might have heard of the 8-year cycle which influences love and money.  We can observe these sequences in people who are in the public eye.  There is no one at this time in the public eye more than Donald Trump.  So let’s explore his personal “weather report” for the near future.

We do not have to look very hard, April 18, 2017, Trump began a new 21-year cycle with the energy Uranus.  Here the impact of sudden, erratic, restlessness within him, coupled with unexpected turn of events will be playing a big role in his life.  In the area of love and in his leadership, we can observe changes which will seem to be coming from “out of the blue”.  However, many times these surprising changes have already been in the works.  To the outsider, these changes will seem startling. The last time this particular cycle appeared in Donald’s chart was 21-years ago when divorced his second wife!  Frequently, this aspect between Uranus and Venus (love) can indicate a significant change in a marriage.  Uranus is the ruler of earthquakes and like an earthquake, in just one moment everything can be altered in a person’s life!

Natural cycles with great impact, usually take place over a period of time.  One step forward and then one step back is the dance of the Uranus transit, the Mother of all Cycles and of Mother Nature herself.  We will have the opportunity to observe the powerful dance on and off during the year ahead.  The first part began on April 18 and will continue until May 26.

Starting on April 21 is a Mars transit which will continue for 45 days in Donald’s chart.  Mars will be moving into his house of leadership and the public eye.  Mars is the planet of war and aggression. Mars says “let go” and runs where to angels fear to tread.  Mars moving into this area, gives us the opportunity to any obstacles restraining his decisions and pushing through them.

There could indeed be a vast change for Donald Trump approaching as April 26, he begins a 30 year shift internally within himself in the four major areas of his life (physical body, home, partnerships, and career).

Two other influences take place in the next few weeks.  The first one begins on May 9, 2017, as his Progressed Moon moves into his 12th house. For two and a half years, the area of secrets and the unconscious mind will be a focus point.  It is a house of withdrawing.

The other is going to tone down things with love and money and career, a kind of reaping what he has sown beginning May 12 through June the 12th.  This Saturn transit will push Donald Trump down a new path and break up patterns in the area of his leadership.

Enough for now lest our heads spin out of control!  We will explore more upcoming events in the future as, well.

When Trump changes, we are all affected by them!




Since Pluto will be retrograding on April 20th, it seems fitting to explore Pluto in Donald Trump's Chart.

In Astrology, the planet Pluto represents our ancestral karma or to put it in more practical terms, it represents what is in our DNA.  In all spiritual traditions, there is debt to pay for the ancestors (also known as the sins of the fathers being passed down up to seven generations)!

Pluto also represents aspects of the manipulative side of ourselves and where and how we manipulate ourselves and others.  Pluto energy is hidden power and represents “guerilla” warfare, giving us the ability to smile while twisting the knife.

Pluto is not all bad since it helps us to transform and represents passion. In its highest and most evolved expression, we can see Pluto as the evolutionary part of ourselves.  As with all of Astrology, the expression of any energy can be positive or negative depending on how conscious we are of the most Divine parts of ourselves.


In our continued astrological analysis of Donald Trump’s chart, we find the dark, hidden energy tucked away in his 12th house.  The 12th house rules the unconscious mind, dreams, connecting to the collective unconscious.  It represents a part of ourselves we don’t normally give attention or notice.  The 12th house has no boundaries and is like trying to see through thick fog. 


One has to be careful of playing the victim with energy in this house which we can see in Donald Trump and his tendency to play the victim as a way of manipulating (nothing is ever his fault!)   With Pluto in this position, he may also have an obsession with secrets and no boundaries with it.  The lack of boundaries can show up with either playing the martyr or keeping secrets or both!


  Pluto is all about control issues when a person is not confident.  Micro –managing is one way the control issues can manifest.  Remember the position of Pluto makes these tendencies hidden to the person who has them.  To everyone else, it is simply obvious.  Think of it this way, when we are driving into the Sun, it is difficult to see what is right in front of us while the other cars coming toward us sees what is in the road clearly.   It is a difficult position since the patterns of Pluto are inherited or at the very least “unfinished business”. 

Since Pluto is in Leo in his chart, we once again have to go back to his Sun Sign in Gemini.

Gemini is versatile, mimics well, the person knows a little about a lot of things, bores easily and is curious.

   Most of all this is the house of dreams!  Many times, people with this placement, have horrific dreams and end up not sleeping well.   So it is not surprising Trump’s sleeping habits are what they are.

Just by watching the news we can see Trump’s chart fulfill itself.


In the next blog we explore upcoming events in Donald Trump’s Chart.



Donald Trump, Exploring Deeper into the Man!

The Trump presidency continues to unfold with leaks here and there. One of the leaks described Donald’s ability to holler and yell at his hand-picked staff.   He needs a plumber (and I’m sure it will be the BEST plumber, of course

Mars is the signature planet of war, anger and courage.  All of these qualities belong to the domain of Mars. Where it is located within the chart gives us insight into how a person conveys these traits.  Mars rules our sexual drive and our physical actions, clumsy, coordinated or somewhere in between.   It regulates the amount of energy we have and how we express it.

Investigating Donald Trump’s chart, we see his Mars is in Leo and in the 12th house.  What does that mean?

Leo is that part of us that says “Taa-daa! Look at me”!   It signifies our inner child along with the actor and the dramatic expression within us.   

The position of the Sun sign can also further delineate the Leo energy.  In Donald’s chart, his Sun is in Gemini (communications).  This would mean Trump can express anger (or courage) in a most dramatic way, especially with his words.  Bellowing would be a good description.  He receives attention with his words, positive and negative.

Mars in Leo loves being the hero! In this position, the high road would be fighting for those people less fortunate.  However, in a path lacking light, this might unfold as “showing off” just for the sake of attention.

Exploring Mars, a little further, we look to the position of Mars in the 12th house.  12th house planets tend to have little or no boundaries!  What does this signify for Mars in this location?   It is withdrawing, a lack of boundaries, fog or illusions and secrets.   Mars has been associated with the EGO.   It might have grand (Leo) illusions of importance all the while not being very confident.  Mars in the 12th house, can plunge someone into a state of depression and go to the other extreme and bring up anger that comes like a squall on the ocean. When Mars does the dance, there are no limits!

How can we observe these traits in Donald Trump’s chart?  We can see it in the words he has used and what has been reported about him.  We know he was “unruly” as a young boy and went to military school.  We also know, he loves a good fight and will hit harder than the other person.  We know he has used words to strike out when he when he is not pleased with what is being said. 

It can manifest as the “blame game”.  The Lord of this 12th  house is none other than the Planet Neptune.  Depending upon whether someone takes the high road or not, this energy will show itself as either taking responsibility or blaming someone else.   We have all heard those people who say, “he or she made me do it”! 

In the same way there are no boundaries with expressing anger, there may also be to no limits to being melancholy!   Loneliness can arise from out of nowhere and at any moment, leaving a person bewildered as well as feeling helpless.   One thing is for sure, this house is the area of secrets and hidden agendas!

In Donald Trump’s chart, the area ruled by Mars and therefore influence that particular area of his life is the 9th house.  This house belongs to Sagittarius, the judge, the orator, the teacher, the traveler and the story-teller and last but not least, that part of us “larger than life”.

Throughout Trump’s chart, we see repeating themes emerge; two in particular, no boundaries and exaggeration.   So who is he really?  We will explore more of Donald Trump next time.





Love and Money, What's up for Donald Trump!



When we hear the name “Donald Trump,” what do we think of?  Money! 

In Astrological terms money is represented by the planet Venus!  Oh, yes, in the astrological world as well, money and love are ruled by the same mystical planet .  How we look at money and interact with money is an exact reflection of how we express love or not!  Some people are too afraid to let go and are very thrifty hence, there is no openness for love.  Frequently with this type of person, we find they can be afraid of love or even a bit stingy when sharing their heart with another.  Then you there is the type who is an open book with their hearts and equally, money flows right through their fingers.  Hopefully a middle ground can be found. 

Venus reveals our desire nature and our sense of style.

In astrology this Goddess energy is also a notable 8 year cycle with love and money.   Ages 8, 16, 24, 32….etc. love and money shifts for people.

So getting back to donald’s chart, we can discern many things about love and money in his life.

In the last, segment, we talked about his communications being in the 11 house, representing unique and unusual ways of expressing energy.     You guessed it, his money also resides in this house.

Unusual and unique might be an understatement.  His Venus is in the sign of Cancer (moon) and is joined by Saturn (Karmic lessons of reaping what one has sown) also in the sign of Cancer. 

The sign of Cancer is influenced by the Moon (Mother) in a chart is where he can be self-protected.  “Let me make sure I am happy first then I think about helping others”, can be the motto of the Cancer energy.  One thing to keep in mind, we all have this energy somewhere within us.  How anyone expresses Cancer energy depends upon the sign the moon is in.

In donald’s case, the moon is in Sagittarius.  I would have say, his mother had a great influence on his prospective when it comes to love and money.   

Donald’s greatest lesson in life has to do with both love and money.  With the Sagittarius Moon, for sure he loves foreign women as this sign represents people of other cultures and lands.  We have seen this with his mother being from Scotland and two wives from another country. 

Sagittarius is also noted for being generous but let’s explore the house position his Venus is located in once again.  Saturn is the energy that hopefully comes to help balance us in some way.  Normally this Saturn and Venus coming together would restrict money and love, it is after all in the 11 house making things different and most of the time opposite of what we might expect.  So generosity of Sagittarius could be also be restricted.

  Nevertheless, the life lessons must come one way or another.  With this configuration, Donald never feels loved.  He can have people who love him however the moment adoration is not shown, he is just not quite sure.  It seems he expresses desire in a way of a constant need idolization.   We can see this with his hunger for attention and applause which is also the 11th house in a chart.     Remember Money and Love ruled by the same energy!

To understand more fully the money aspect of donald’s money, we must explore the 2nd house in an astrological chart which has to do with money, love and self-worth including the virtue of gratitude. 

 In his chart, Donald has two influences there. One is Neptune the energy of illusions and has no boundries and the other is Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius.  Here we find both energies ruled by ….wait for it….. the planet Venus in the sign of Cancer in the 11th house.    If we follow the astrological money trail, it all leads back to Mama and her influence on how he handles money and love in his life.

Neptune here suggestions he LIKES TO CREATE AN ILLUSION about his finances, while Jupiter suggests indulgence in its darker expression of boasting as well as indulgence.    Of course, this can mean he has more than he lets on or has less than he has proclaimed. 

With astrological forecasting we can see cycles and trends coming up.   For Donald, we can see in April of this year 2017, he has the beginning of quite a change.   In fact, he will be ending and beginning a new 21 year pattern in his life.  Some of the indications can be a restlessness regarding love and money.   Since Venus rules his house of career and public standing, these sudden and unexpected changes with love and money will be out there for all to see.     This particular cycle can bring “out with the old and in with the new”.  We shall see this earthquake type cycle three different times within the next year.  Opportunity can happen quickly as well as loosing things just as rapidly.  One thing is for sure, this powerful energy does not leave a person the same.  For some people it has been manifested as a divorce aspect and for others love at first sight.  We can see the same force regarding money as well!












Donald Trump and His Communications



Hello Everyone,  it is time to analyze Donald Trump's Communication.  What a perfect time while he is on tour.

There are a couple of things about communications through the eyes of astrology that might be helpful to know before we look into Donald’s chart again.

Mercury was the great communicator in Roman mythology and would move lighting fast.  He was the conveyer of messages from the gods to the mortals.  These days Mercury is still the communicator through networking and such things as Match.com.  It is the ruler for the sign of Gemini. (Donald’s Sun Sign)  Mercury also represents the quick sliver tongued devil in its darker expression.  Mercury describes our arms, legs and hands. And oh, yes one last thing to remember about Mercury, is represents our breathing.  Pretty important planet since we cannot live long without it.

Interpreting astrology, there is a layering of qualities to get a more accurate picture.  In Donald’s chart as an example, his Mercury is in the sign of Cancer.  (Remember he is a Gemini Sun Sign)  Here with Mercury in a different sign from what he actually is, we know, he doesn’t communicate the way he truly is.   

With Mercury in Cancer, we then have to look at his Moon sign since that is the next layer to his communicates.  Where is it?  Why Sagittarius of course.  So he speaks in a way in what some would say, “foot in mouth disease”.    Since the moon represents our emotional expression and Cancer, can be self-protected, we can see he can be emotional when he speaks and constantly expressing his words in a defensive manner.

One more layer which is the house position Donald’s Mercury resides.  It just so happens the 11 house in the zodiac is home to his communicative energy.  This area belongs to the planetary energy of Uranus.  Here is can represent being brilliant no doubt.  Mercury seems to work in a way unique and unusual as it stands out in a crowd.  A crowd?  Yes this is the house of the audience and Mercury in this position would love to talk in a room full of people.

Mercury in this house position would in some ways explain how the size of Donald’s mouth and hands would be tiny rather than large as we would expect with it being in the sign of Sagittarius. (larger than normal).  The exaggerator in any case!  We all have this somewhere in our charts!

Here is where the layering in astrology becomes a map revealing even more about people.  Mercury is the ruler of Donald’s Sun Sign.  So we can assume with Mercury ruled by his moon, in the sign of Sagittarius and residing in the house of the audience, Donald’s way of communicating is unique.   Words like large, great, huge, believe me, backed by an emotional intent and shining as it were among the crowd, it feeds his Sun sign which of course is where he goes to get re-energized.    The question arises, do we believe his words for the sake of believing or do we use our quality of discernment to determine is Donald saying things for the audience of simply because he is replenishing himself when he is just worn out!  Each person must decide for their own self.

Next blog will be exploring Trump’s Venus!   LOVE AND MONEY!





Chart of the United States of America part 3

Welcome to the month of February and Part 3 of the astrological assessment of the United States of America.


The United States of America, has the Sun (the will of the people) and Mercury both in Cancer. Mercury    however, it is retrograde!  Cancer is the sign of self-protection and strong patriotism.  Good for us! So the Sun in Cancer represents a very strong willed nation!  We are going to protect ourselves at all cost.  It is where the strength of our country resides.

These two energies are located in the astrological chart, in the 8th house.   There are two other influences in this house as well, the part of fortune in Cancer and the North Node in Leo.  These four influences make for a sort of genius with the qualities of Cancer and issues of the 8th house.

The 8th house is a house of re-doing, of power (guerilla warfare), power plays and lifestyle changes every so often.   It is also the money of other countries and debts we might owe!  Oops!  Oh, yes, this house also represents hidden things and the mucky mucky of the world!  We as a nation, might like to ignore these things but it is just not in the stars!

Let’s consider Mercury retrograde for a moment, especially since it is also in Cancer and resides in this powerful house.  Most of the time, with the retrograde motion, the United States has the ability to see problems existing before other countries see them but we also know the solution as well.  The problem comes in when other countries are not able to see the problems at the same time.  It is almost like this country has x-ray vision.

The part of fortune is what makes us happy and that can be giving advice to other countries.   Our destiny is to find a balance between our own money and borrowing money from other countries.  Here in the 8th house, we are continually paying off debt from the “ancestors” decisions.   In other words, every four to eight years, the decisions by any current administration will be re-evaluated over and over again.  On the bright side, we will never be bored and it can stop us from becoming complacent!

Finally, we come to the North Node.  Leo in this house says several things. Besides looking at the difficult problems in the world, we are learning to have only a few close allies.  We can find new and better ways to protect ourselves and other countries as well.   Leo loves to play and do things because they want to!  In this house, playing is intense and since this can be the house of obsessions, we can be quite determined to have fun!  Addiction can also be part of this expression!  Hmmm!

Each time a transit (or the moving energy of the universe) touches one of these planets, we see some issues of the 8th house surface up.

Right now, the transit of Uranus is touching the part of fortune for the rest of the month.  It is a time when we can actually want to be shocked with unexpected things.  It is a rebellious time when Uranus comes along. On the 11th of February, Jupiter, the planet who brings exaggeration will join Uranus.  It will be like we are under a magnifying glass, making things bigger than life!  Not a time to hide. 

Saturn is the planet we look for when we want stability.  It is touching off the Mercury retrograde in this house. Mercury is all about communicating and decisions.  It is breaking up patterns now through the 14th.  It is a time when Saturn says “be clear and define” communications.  Saturn is about to push us to evolve, especially with how we communicate and network.  Saturn is in the 4 major areas of the United States chart and asks for balance.  Here the four major areas are the physical wellness, our status in the world, our partnership with other countries and the very foundation of our country.  We have to define where we are off balance regarding each of these areas.  It is a testing time for the foundation of this country.  Saturn says we are about to reap in each of these areas, whatever we have or have done!

This energy of Saturn right now is just the “preview of coming attractions” since this configuration returns in the summer.

One last bit of information before I go. The transit of the Sun conjuncts the Moon of the chart, on February 14 and 15th.  It is an indication of the new beginning for the United States and energy can be at a low point.  It is a new moon time for the USA.  Not a lot of light at this time.



Chart of the United States of America


United States of America

Part 2

Hello Everyone!

It has been quite a weekend with the swearing in of a new president and the Women’s March.   For sure, the world has been watching both events.


In the astrological chart of the United States of America, we see many planets on the right side of the chart.  This is an indication that we, as a country, reach out and offer even we are not asked to do so!

In fact, with four planets in the house of the negotiator, we are a genius at it!  In fact, we are very aware of imbalances all the time.   These four energies are all in the 7th house of others and the house of peace and war and of course beauty.

Let’s explore these fine expressions of energy.

First on the list is Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.   Remember the Moon in the chart of the United States is partially ruled by Uranus, the sign and planet of altruism.  Uranus is the sign of friendship and we are the friend to many countries.

The next planet we see is Mars.  Yes, you guessed it, Mars represents aggression and war or at the very highest expression, courage.  Mars in this house is very appealing as well.

Moving on to Venus!  Wow, this beautiful energy is powerful as it is in the house it rules!  Venus attracts Grace to itself easily.  This is even more appealing than Mars in this position!

Finally, we move on to Jupiter.  Yes, it is the largest planet in the solar system and does just that, making things larger than life, wherever it is located.  Like Venus, Jupiter attracts abundance!

So with Uranus (unexpected and freedom) in the 7th house, the country can find itself suddenly starting something and ending things quickly with countries.  This position can also make us seem detached or involved from a distance.  The one thing others see, however, is FREEDOM!

Mars in this house and being in the sign Gemini can make us dualist or playing both sides in our ability to be the middle man (or middle country).  We see this role for instance in the Middle East bringing countries to the negotiating table. Mars in this position can also intervening with war as well as peace.

So now we have Venus and Jupiter both in the sign of Cancer and the ruler is none other than the Moon in Aquarius.   When these two planets come together, all we see is ABUNDANCE, GENEROSITY.   It is like a neon sign, saying come!

Oh, Yes, let me see

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

I believe the Founding Fathers, certainly must have had some kind of Divine intervention to have signed the Declaration of Independence on the day and time that it was and Life was breathed into this country.

Just a peak at some energy influences around the corner for our great Nation.  Beginning on January 26th through March 17th watch for very quick and unexpected changes taking place; this is particularly true on the evening of the 31st through the early morning of February 2nd.

On January 31st through February 26, our country will be in a phase of reaping what we have sown for the last 7 years.  Grace will come where we made effort and we can also be shown, the areas we now need to make effort.

Bottom line we, the people ARE the United States of America!

Until next time,



Charts of the United States of America

Welcome Everyone!  

With all the changes taking place in our country in 2017, I thought it might be great to write a series about the chart of the United States of America.  The country is subject to transits (continual influences) in the same way we are. 

The USA has the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius and Sagittarius rising.  These are called the 3 lights of a chart. The Sun (heart of the country) is located in Scorpio's house which indicates the energy of the USA is steeped in power!  The Moon (the humanity of the country) is located in Gemini's house which means it is in Aquarius. It is given the ability to be flexible and more versatile than it would otherwise be expressed.  

The rising sign is in Sagittarius and that is all about seeing itself as larger than life.  

The Sun in Cancer is about self-protection. The Moon in Aquarius suggests this country doesn't fit anywhere and yet, fits everywhere.  Aquarius has the duty of taking care of others.  Sagittarius, along with being the "teacher", is also about foreign people and cultures!  Religious freedom! Not only is Sagittarius is about religious freedom, Aquarius is also about freedom and being ahead of its time!  This sign represents being very progressive.  

The Sun, being in the sign of Cancer, means it is ruled by the Moon of the chart. Yes, you guessed it, this is about freedom!  

The movement of planets and the energies are reflected in the expression of the astrological chart.  In November, the rising sign of the USA went into Virgo for the next 30 years.  Sagittarius will always hold true, however, now there is new energy influencing the Sagittarius energy.  In its greatest expression, Virgo is about discernment. When Virgo is not shining the greatest way, it can take the form of worry and fear.  New beginnings require new foundations and the best is discernment.  Virgo knows how to serve others.  It is crafts and refining any kind of talents.  

The next layer is the transits and what is being reflected right now.  Since January 1, 2017 and until January 19, 2017, is a time when "secret enemies" will be revealed. 

Of course the greatest "secret enemy" is the underlying belief system.  In other words, it is a time to see anything that has been undermining our standing in the world.  Saturn is karma and right now, it is activating Neptune which means it is time to see reality.   Here we have glimpse things to come during the summertime when these two energies come together once more.  What is it good for?  It is great to see the overall collective thinking and what aspects of it need to change.   

From the 17th of January until February 7th, the United States will be asked to evolve and we can see just how much discernment that we, as a county, have.  Finally, Uranus will be changing and releasing some very old patterns from the Founding Fathers!  January 26 until March 7th is time for flexibility and sudden changes. Sometimes it is an experimental time; it's like an earthquake and things look differently in the aftermath.  New ideas!  Ahhhhh!

I would love to hear from you  if you have questions or comments.  

Blessings, Betty




Welcome to 2017!  I wish us all benevolent blessings in the new year!

Where do we start on this January 3, 2017?   Like Alice, let’s “Begin at the beginning”!  

January begins with a changes in directions.

First Mercury will go direct this month (communications and decisions). We have Venus retrograding in March! (Love and money, stock market). Then Jupiter will be retrograding in the month of February. (money can tighten up).  April will be a VERY INTERESTING MONTH as four planets will be changing directions!  Mercury, Venus, Saturn (cause and effect) and Pluto (power and power plays) all will be stirring the pot!

Right now we are having "preview of coming attractions” with changes that will take place this Summer and we will top it off with a Solar Eclipse effecting the United States in August! What do eclipses do?  The theory is whatever country is able to see the Eclipse, this country will be in the limelight for up to 6 months.  Eclipses are usually about endings in some form.

Such an interesting year ahead!  Every 18 months money patterns change when Venus retrogrades.  Venus also gives benevolent blessings in one or two areas of a person's life when it retrogrades, depending upon where if falls in his or her natal astrological chart.  It also changes patterns in the stock market which we will see at the end of Winter.

When looking at the chart of the United States of America, it looks like there can be significant changes for the 1st time in 30 years.  From now until the 19th of January, "secret enemies" of the USA are being revealed.  It can also be a time when we, as a country, can be our own worst enemy.  It is a turning point when things that have been hidden coming to light.  This energy will return two more times before the year is out!   Watching the news is a great way to see Astrology expressing itself!

I welcome any comments or questions you might have!   Blessings for the new year!  May it be filled with love, joy and peace!


Uranus the Game Changer


Uranus will be changing directions at the end of the month.  So, how will we be effected?

First of all, we have to understand how this planet’s energy works in our lives.  Uranus is the least predictable planet in the Zodiac.  Uranus is one of two rulers of the sign Aquarius (the other ruler being Saturn, which we will explore another time).  The areas we find this energy in our natal astrological charts is where we are most unique.  Aquarius energy is different, unique, concerned with social injustices and most of all FREEDOM.  People with strong Aquarius energy often feel like they don’t fit in with the group (but ultimately realize they fit everywhere).  As with all Astrological Charts, Aquarius in included in each and everyone's chart.

Uranus (Aquarius) creates “the rebel without a cause”.  The thought of being like everyone else doesn’t work for this energy but standing out and being uniquely different among our fellow human beings is like eating sweet honey!  Changes during a Uranus transit can happen at the speed of lightening but can also bring new opportunities.  

How does one prepare for such changes?  It’s a little like dancing; you must be on the balls of the feet ready to go in any direction.  Uranus frees us from old, outdated patterns and challenges us to experiment and try new ways.  Sometimes, Uranus brings a temporary change while at other times, it becomes permanent.  

Chaos is a word often associated with Uranus.  To bring order to chaos, Uranus energy can make us feel detached. This allows us let go and make room for the new changes entering into our lives.

Rumblings and hints of change begin to reveal themselves in our lives. Itcan be like an earthquake; we know it’s coming but we don’t know where or when.  We are given glimpse of things to come. You might feel restless or bored just before something new is enters the arena.  We can feel like we are dancing as fast as we can and something has to give!  And it does!  This is a time when nothing feels familiar and we are taken out of our comfort zone.  If you like change, this is a fantastic, exciting time.  If not, hang onto your hat!  If you are not so flexible, you might be afterwards.

Be ready to move in any direction, at any moment and be open to the new opportunities Uranus brings! Receive the extraordinary blessings this powerful planet can bring!

Have a NEW YEAR!




Hello Everyone, 

Since Mercury will be going retrograde this month, I thought it might be good to write a little bit about what that really means.

First of all, it is important to understand what Mercury represents from an Astrological view point. Mercury represents many things.  Let’s start with the word retrograde itself. Retrograde means “directed or moving backwards”.   For a nearly three weeks Mercury gives the appearance that it is moving in reverse in comparison to the Earth.  It is the same principle as two trains passing each other.  Depending on the speed to one another, one train appears to be going backwards!  This is the retrograde movement.

First and foremost, Mercury retrograde is the breath!  Can't live long without that! Along with the breath, it is the messenger system of the body, the nervous system. Mercury expresses its energy through travel and communication.  In Greek mythology, Mercury was Hermes, the messenger.   He was able to move swiftly between the world of man and the world of gods, acting as a messenger of the gods delivering messages to the mortals.  Regardless of the name, this planetary energy presides over learning, writing and science.  Mercury is also associated with our siblings, writing, and learning and our speech. 

 The sign Mercury is in tells a lot about a person’s life. Mercury can be either in a one's Sun sign, the sign preceding or just after their Sun sign.  Let's take the sign Sagittarius, for instance.  A person born under this sign might have his or her Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius, Scorpio or Capricorn.  

If a person has their Mercury in the sign of their Sun, then they communicate straight up; they convey who they really are.  If, in the example above, this person has Mercury in Scorpio, they might be more intense in their communications than they actually are.  If Mercury is in Capricorn, they might express themselves and use their words very precisely.

So during Mercury, retrograde, communication behaves in a backwards way.  People have to listen closely or read carefully during this time.  If there are hidden problems, they can surface.  It is a wonderful time for learning for meditation and for prayer.  This is the time to re-evaluate present circumstances.  Decisions made prior to the Mercury retrograde period, may have to be revisited when it goes direct.  Accidents seem more frequent, as well as cars breaking down and cell phones getting lost.  

Don't be discouraged though, as Mercury retrograde is great for window shopping and gathering information.  This is a time to be clear with all communications.

So take a deep breath and dive deep into your higher Self and like all things......KEEP MOVING!

Blessings and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, 




GREETINGS!   The Holidays are upon us so what is December all about?

Sagittarius is the sign of the times until the Winter Solstice!  Do you know any Sagittarius people in your lives?  Did you know EVERYONE has some area of their lives where this sign exists and expresses itself?

Oh, yes!  Like all signs, there are positive expressions of a sign and some, well, that are not quite as appealing.  This holds true for even those good Natured Sagittarians!  

Just as its ruler, Jupiter, is the mighty planet, this energy tends to come on like gang busters! 

This is the the story teller of the Zodiac and maybe even one who goes so far as to add somethings that might be called embellishments! This is where we can weave a great tapestry!

Exaggerate?  Yes!  Humorous?  Oh Yes!  Fun? Yes!  Smart? Yes!  Friendly?  Yes!  What is there not to like?   Well, there is another side........not so cute or funny!  This is the part where arrogance came rear its head!  Yes, intelligent and big talk that can sometimes translate to "my dog's better than your dog"!  Sagittarius can be confident or arrogant depending on one's awareness and on one's selfishness.   It can show up as prejudice or embracing all kinds of differences.  After all it is the sign of the Judge!  Always looking and expounding the Truth.

 Either way, the "Sag" energy will be bigger than life!  The love of nature and the outdoors is part this package.   It is the natural teacher and writer in us.  It is the politician, the salesperson in us.  The one thing Sagittarius loves is......FREEDOM!   Can one be married?  Of course, as long as there is plenty of rope to still play!   This is why Sagittarians love to travel.   They are the "Indian Jones" of the Zodiac!  The question WHY is always present in each moment.

Essentially, somewhere, in every person's astrological chart, we can see this energy playing out within our lives.  In fact, ALL SIGNS, are present within each one of us.    

For instance, if there is a sign you just love, it is likely you enjoy that part of your own self.  Conversely, if there is a sign you dislike......hmmm, need I say more?

All signs have the potential to reveal one of the virtues of life. Moving away from judgement of good or bad, toward Dharma or righteous action, is the highest expression of Sagittarius.  This is the Truth they were born to find!

If you have any questions about Sagittarius or would like to know more about where this powerful energy resides in your natal astrological chart, please contact me.  I would love to hear from you!





Hello Everyone and Blessings!

Just a little heads up as the 19th of November approaches.   Neptune will be changing direction.  This can be a time of extreme energy expressing in our lives.

 Neptune can express itself as illusions, distortions, fogginess, not seeing reality, and extreme loneliness and helplessness!  This is the ego side of this mighty energy!  For sure the ego has captured center stage!

Now the Light, more conscious expression of Neptune is, prayer, compassion and empathy for our fellow man and woman and most of all for our own self!  It is having the faith to know deep within, we are all united with the most Divine part of who we are.  It is recognizing our connection with one another.

So how can Neptune be such extremes?  Actually in Astrology, each and every sign can manifest in an infinite number of ways depending upon how consciously aware we are of the virtues of life.   For good or not good, each planet and sign contains both.

So as Neptune begins to hover on November 19th,  circumstances can reflect both the positive and negative expression.  Certain people will be more affected than others.  For instance, anyone having the birthdays on the 30th, 31st, 1st or 2nd of any month, may very well feel the confusion Neptune can bring.  This is the time to dig deeper to see your true essence!  Make sure your own beliefs are not working against you.

Mercury moves in on Thursday evening and all day on Friday to trigger this God of the Sea!  I believe this can be a most intense time.

Truths can get revealed for those things that have been hidden.  Trust what you know is true and best advice......pray, meditate and have compassion above all things.  

It is an opportunity to become greater than we are now!






Hello Everyone and Blessings!

Have you ever wondered about the chart of a Nation?  Did you know a Nation has an astrological chart the same way a person does?   At it's birth, an astrological chart is set up describing the energy and rhythms of that nation.  It is the same when breath is breathed into a new baby and his or her life cycles begin.

On July 4, 1776 according to an eye witness of the signing of the Declaration of Independence that was published in 1787 called the "Sibly Chart", the United States of America, took its first breath at 4:50 pm LMT in Phlidelphia, Pennsylvania!  

According to this chart, we as a nation, have Sagittarius rising, which represents the physical expression of this country. (Large, with a mixture of foreign people and varied religious beliefs)

Our Sun sign is in Cancer which is nurturing, self-protective fiercely loyal to itself and is ruled by the Moon.  In fact, we have 5 energies expressed in Cancer and ruled by the moon. This colors how the will of the nation is expressed.  

The moon of the USA is in the sign of Aquarius!   I love this sign.  Half of it is very traditional and the other half very progressive!  Aquarius doesn't seem to fit in any category specifically.  Aquarius cannot be described by one place or one way of doing things. “This is the only way” would never work for Aquarius.  The key here is to recognize diversity and embrace it.  Our nation is great because of this.  This country has a little bit of everything right here!  Amazing! 

So what kinds of things are happening to our beloved United States of America?

The Progressed rising sign or Ascendant will be moving into the sign of Virgo as of March 7, 2017 and will be there for the next 28 to 30 years!  This sign in its greatest expression, is service, discernment and refinement.

.  Saint Mother Teresa was a perfect example of the Virgo energy in action, as she had 6 planets or energies in that sign!  This change is for the next 28 to 30 years!  Virgo can also express itself through worry,  being critical and fearful!  However when discernment is used only the greatest expression of Virgo manifests!

Getting back to the chart.  Along with the Progressed Ascendant,  3 other major areas will also be changing.  The first is the foundation of this nation, the progressed ascendant changing  into Sagittarius making our belief system the core of who we are for the next 30 years.  Astrologically this is a turning point in our country history and we are part of that history!

The second is in the area of "partners"; we now have Pisces (mysterious, hidden,) energy. The third area of change is how the world sees us. This is now through the lens of Gemini. (master of jack of all trades). 

Some things can appear to be unclear until January 8th as the 19th of November approaches, we might have a sense of confusion and hopelessness as Neptune changes direction.

 Neptune,  can be expressed as moving from the dark into the light.  This could take the form of recognizing we are not victims and through self-effort and Grace everything is possible!  It is a time to hold on to what we know is true about the people of this country, that we are one nation under God, indivisible and we seek justice for all!  

We, as a nation, will always have the power to be like a snake shedding its skin and  reborn over and again!  This the our greatness, we the people are guiding this country and say what changes we desire and what we do not want.  One thing is for sure, when 30 year shifts take place, it is a time of renewal, a time to own the power of this country. It is no longer a time for complacency!  

I will be adding more information about this Great Country of ours.  In the meantime, 






Goodbye October.....Welcome November!

Goodbye October!  Welcome November on the new moon ( new beginnings) in Scorpio!

 Scorpio is the passionate side of ourselves.  The most human traits and the most Divine parts, depending how aware a person is of his or her own Divinity!  On the human side, it can be expressed as jealousy, vindictiveness, guerrilla war fare, power plays, obsessiveness!  You get the picture!  On the Divine side the attributes come forward as is healing energy, the deepest love and protectiveness there is and the power to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix!

The great thing is everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their being!  Most of all regardless of its expression, passion is always present!  When passion cannot express itself, it turns to obsession!  

Scorpio is built into the DNA and represents the left over Karma from our ancestors that did not get completed.  This can be great reaping or not so great.   It is buried deep within us.  It is the time of the year when we go into the cocoon and rest, get replenished and return as a butterfly!

This is the energy where we come to accept our humanness, look at it and then reach for the Divine virtues we also have access to and cultivate them.

In November of this year 2016, many changes are on the horizon and I am not talking about the election.  I am talking about shifts in the expression of energy, in our collective consciousness.  Each one of these changes, affords us the opportunity to reach for the Divine Virtues.  

On November the 5th through the 29th of this month, it is a time to evaluate and see the reality of things.  It is a time when we will reap what has been sown regarding our inner relationship with our Highest Lord.  No good and bad here.  It is simply a time to see what beliefs have supported our lives and which ones have worked against our happiness.

The 10th of November we will see Mars moving into Aquarius for 45 days.  On the 13th Mercury will move into the sign of Sagittarius and Venus will enter in Capricorn.  And finally the Sun will shine itself through the sign of Sagittarius!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  Nice as generosity will be abundant!

I wish everyone a wonderful November!




Hello Everyone and Blessings, 

What does Astrology reflect about the elections?   This is not a blog on prediction as I am sure there are plenty others out there for that purpose.

I would like to share why people are so very passionate or not passionate, about the elections.  You see from an Astrological perspective, the planet Jupiter and the 9th house in an Astrological Chart represents several things.  

One and most importantly, it reflects are philosophical belief system.  Our political beliefs also come under this domain in Astrology just as the practice of our particular religious faith.

Each of us, regardless, has Jupiter somewhere and in some sign in our charts and everyone has a 9th house in their natal charts.  This is part of our make up of who we are.  In our words, we become our philosophies!  

So it is easy to see why there are so many opinions and possible disagreements during an election year.  We can easily feel we ourselves, have been attacked!

In Astrology, as well, the politician's astrological chart interacts with our natal chart.  For instance, when we are attracted to an actor or actress, that person  activates something within our own energy.  Same with any person we know or meet.  Another can only stimulate something that exists within.   So it is in the political arena. We meet our own beliefs!

Perhaps, this can give us better insight into the other person as well as ourselves.  Perhaps it lends us to more understanding and more patience with one another.

 Regardless, we are fortunate to live in a country where we have the power of the people through the power of the vote!  This is where we, as a people, have the opportunity to make our voices heard!  Jupiter is in Libra which is the sign of balance during this election year.  

Good luck on Election Day!




Hello Everyone and Blessings, 

The Autumn is here and what is new for October?  What we have is everything moving forward!  No retrogrades, no eclipses!  Phew!

From now until the 16th of October, the Sun in Libra (love, balance) will be touching off Uranus (sudden and unexpected happenings).  Being flexible with Uranus is the key to opportunities and exciting changes.

 It is a turning point time for those born on the 2nd and 3rd of any month.  This continues until the 17th of October.  

Here is when status quo and changes take place.  From the 18th through the 21st, we can expect power plays and sudden changes.  Be careful during this time for accidents.  

The sweet part of October will take place between the 19th and the 28th as Jupiter and Neptune make an connection to one another.  What does this mean?  For the children being born at this time, they will come into this world with the belief (Jupiter) that all things are possible (Neptune)  They will come in with an open heart and connections to the most Divine love!  During this period, we all have the opportunity to unite with our own Heart as well!  

As the month of October concludes sudden unexpected changes once again can take place, starting on the 27th through the 30th.  It can be a time of making and breaking commitments.   

Keep your hearts open this month and let the blessings come in!